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Brittany Aldean Threw All Her “Balenciagas” Out In The Trash Bin!



Brittany Aldean Threw All Her Balenciagas Out In The Trash Bin!

On Wednesday, 30 November, Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, posted a photograph of her holding two trash bags in each of her hands; The bags contained items from the brand Balenciaga. She captioned the post with, “It’s trash day,” mentioning Balenciaga’s Instagram profile. 

In the photograph, the trash bag appeared to have a logo sweatshirt, bags, and slippers.

The fans cheered her on for “standing up for the right”. The pair did their best to keep the pedophilic behavior as “abnormal” and “unacceptable”. 

The root of all the negativity for Balenciaga began to grow when the brand posted two little girls with stuffed animals in “bondage gear” outfits for their holiday and spring 23 campaign. The brand appeared to support pedophilia and child pornography.

Balenciaga later claimed to not have gone through the supervising process and said that the team made the mistake and they are not in support of any kind of child abuse. 

Issues That Matter

Kim Kardashian, a brand ambassador of Balenciaga, said on 28 November, on Twitter that she wasn’t defending the brand. She claimed that being a mother of four, she understood what the pictures meant, and she, too, was disgusted with it.

Kim Kardashian claimed to have taken time to speak on the matter as she was trying to get in touch with the Balenciaga’s team to know how such a thing happened. 

Brittany Aldean Threw All Her Balenciagas Out In The Trash Bin!

Although Balenciaga took down the pictures and “sincerely” apologized for the “mistake”, the heat in the netizens did not die. The people could not hold down their anger and disgust, saying that the pictures should not have been released in the first place. 

All the fans are now boycotting the brand and its new releases. Also, after Brittany Aldean’s recent post on Instagram, the rage has taken a reinvigorated turn. Most of Brittany’s fans supported her move by tagging Kim Kardashian in the comment and asking her to “take notes”.

Claiming that Kim Kardashian could never make such a bold move. They believe that Kim Kardashian did not sincerely understand the sensitivity of the matter and was not bothered much about it until people gave heed.

According to fans, Brittany has spoken up for something many celebrities wouldn’t. The brand normalizing the pedophilic behavior and the popular people either defending the brand or “simply” not bothering to say anything about it got the people slamming their heads. However, one picture and the scene alter. 

People blamed each person that contributed to the photo shoot of the Balenciaga campaign. They asked how could not one of the employees spot something “creepy”.

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After several accusations, the photographer, Gabriele Galimberti, posted his statement on Instagram, saying that he “wasn’t in the position” to suggest anything to the brand or correct them. As a photographer, he was only requested to capture the idea the team brought forward. 

He also denied the connection with the documents exhibited in one of the campaign pictures which showed the matter related to “child pornography”. Gabriele accused another photographer of having taken the pictures, though he did not mention who they were. He said that the document setup was not his idea.

However, the photographer’s “statement” still did not leave a positive impact on the audience. They said that he could have chosen not to photograph the scene and walk out on them as he isn’t a starving photographer. 

People also called the photographer a “coward”, “groomer”, “pathetic”, “disgusting”, and “trash human”, for turning off the comment option on his statement post, photographing the scene, and not feeling guilty about it.

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