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The Case Against Danny Masterson For Rape Ends In A Mistrial



The Case Against Danny Masterson For Rape Ends In A Mistrial

In one of the most shocking incidents that have been reported, the Judgment of the Court of Appeals in the matter of Danny Masterson’s Rape Case occupies the top slot. This judgment has been pursued for a decade now. But nobody could ever, in the wildest imagination, think that the case would end in such a way.

Danny Masterson, who had been allegedly charged on the grounds of rape, has been now finally acquitted from all of them after the jury held that the proceedings suffered a mistrial.

The case has now been eventually dismissed, and no other cause of action lies in favor of the victims. The media and other officers following the case all year are disappointed with the outcome because this wasn’t expected. Nothing short of life imprisonment for Danny was anticipated in this judgment. 

What Was The Case About? 

The case is about the rape charges levied against Danny Masterson. It happened all ago, in the year 2002. There was an after-party that was organized at Danny’s penthouse in New York. Three women had visited the same and had a whole lot of fun for some initial hours until one of them started feeling uneasy. They stayed back after the party got over to get to their own home sometime.

The Case Against Danny Masterson For Rape Ends In A Mistrial

However, Danny forcefully administered some sleeping pills to these women and then raped them together. This is an inhuman act that one of these three women could have ever imagined. Their plight, according to some sources, was horrific.

While Danny continued being a free bird for ten years, these victims were trying to collect evidence and financial support. It was finally in 2012 that the complaint was filed, and ultimately action was taken against Danny after the satisfaction of evidence that was produced. 

Initial Hearing

The case was heard before the Court of Ninth Circuit. The judge found the intent, motive, and means on the part of Danny to commit such a horrendous act. However, just before the judgment could be pronounced, an appeal was filed to the Court of Appeals, and a stay was obtained on the execution of the assessment.

The Court of Appeals heard the matter and, at the same time, decided to dispose of the case as soon as possible. According to the law, if the case findings were to be reinforced and upheld, Danny would have been sentenced to 45 years. The proceedings in the Court of Appeals had already culminated so far, and hence it was expected that the judgment would be rendered by the end of this week. 

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However, to the utter surprise of litigants, the Court dismissed the entire case on the grounds of procedural lapse and most prominently, mistrial. The case has not been conducted according to the law, and the Court cannot proceed with presumptive evidence, especially when the charges are so severe and grave.

There is no sign of any relief being made available to the parties. It is hoped that the case would soon be disposed of, but it had all happened for the worse. The Court did acknowledge that a lot of time and efforts of parties and counsels, including jurors have been spent on the judgment. This cannot be a ground to serve an innocent with injustice. 


This case has left a very grave impact on history. There is no idea for the time being as to how the people will react and get back to it. But the response of the media and the masses only depict uncertainty and shattered hopes. 

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