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Kanye West Compliments Adolf Hitler In Alex Jones’ “Infowars” Interview



Kanye West Compliments Adolf Hitler In Alex Jones' Infowars Interview

Kanye West enjoys being the subject of gossip, usually not for the best reasons. And now he’s done it once more, shocking the listeners to Alex Jones’ radio show and inciting fury. He is heard saying he “loves” Nazis in the episode airing on Thursday. He didn’t think twice before admitting that he admired Adolf Hitler.

On one occasion, Kanye talked endlessly on live television with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about how he thought Hitler was a decent man.

Not only was his statement strange, but it was also difficult to look away from how he appeared. West had on a mask that fully hid his face in black, giving him a remarkable image. Throughout the program, he babbled about evil, adultery, and the demon.

Alex Jones Was Startled After Hearing About Kanye

The distinctiveness of the mask made it simpler to identify West even though he concealed his identity. There was no question that it was him because there were no openings for its eyes or lips. Jones referred to him as West while speaking to him, and Infowars advertised the interview as being with West.

Kanye West Compliments Adolf Hitler In Alex Jones' "Infowars" Interview

The InfoWars talk show made Alex Jones a well-known figure in the alt-right conspiracy theory community. Adolf Hitler also asked people not to criticize the Nazis, which was seen by many in addition to the West applauding him. Ye, who has already received considerable notice for making anti-semitic comments, has generated a new round of disavowals.

Ye, an anti-Semitic musician, reportedly had dinner with Donald Trump, a former US president considering running for the presidency in 2024. Jones began by talking about the criticism the rapper received for his earlier antisemitic remarks.

Jones initially expressed sympathy for him, stressing that he was not Hitler or a Nazi. Jones consequently agreed that Ye should not be labeled anti-Semitic and maligned.

Ye is credited as the creator of the Yeezy clothing line and later opted to expand on his ideas. Jones said he didn’t like Nazis, which led to this happening. But then something happened that Ye is likely to regret as the camera shifted away to a commercial break. Ye can be overheard expressing that he likes Hitler into the mic.

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Kanye Discusses His Childhood Struggles

West has made it known that he wants to run for president of the United States in 2024. He is also seen publicly confessing about his mental illness issues in the episode. We should feel sorry for this man given the way his reputation has been damaged financially, yet his unpredictable behavior has persisted in raising doubts.

Following a slew of anti-Semitic remarks, the rapper-turned-businessman recently had his commercial connections fall apart. West wasn’t changing his ways despite spending significant time watching the Infowars broadcast. Jones, the far-right host, continues to laugh in surprise and sometimes even disagrees with him.

Jones expressed his displeasure at one point at Ye’s remarks endorsing Hitler and the Nazis, but Ye didn’t appear to care. Jones intervened by saying that he disliked the Nazis and that they were thugs who committed terrible crimes. Others, such as the Republican Jewish Coalition, have denounced the musician.

The organization referred to the interview as a horrifying hotbed of racial prejudice against Jews. In addition, West attacked Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is expected to assume control of Israel in the upcoming weeks, alleging that the politician was attempting to evict the rapper’s family.

A shirt with the message “White Lives Matter” was worn by West a few months ago when he made an appearance at a fashion show in Paris. The Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality was intended to be criticized by it. In response to this incident, West has also severed ties with US clothing retailer Gap and Parisian fashion house Balenciaga.

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