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Emancipation Producer Expressed Regret Over A Contentious Photo



Emancipation Producer Expressed Regret Over A Contentious Photo

Emancipation is an American film directed by Antoine Fuqua. The public release of the movie occurred on the 9th of December, 2022. The story concentrates on how an enslaved person named Peter fled away from a plantation in Louisiana.

It happened after he was whipped like an animal, coldly. After running away, he had to undergo an unavoidable tantrum in his path while being outsmarted by cold-blooded hunters. The recent developments regarding the controversial picture from the filmmakers became the talk of the town. 

Apologies From McFarland

Emancipation producer Joey McFarland had been forced to bring an apology letter. The renowned filmmaker disclosed the picture of Peter receiving the cruel whips after the sudden Premiere of the movie.

Emancipation Producer Expressed Regret Over A Contentious Photo

However, as the situation turned worse, he wholeheartedly apologized to everyone for bringing in the image.

Furthermore, the person added that his intent was only to honor the glory of the man behind all the changes not only in 1863 America ( change of the Slavery system) but still, strives the changes in today’s date.

He wants the whole audience to see the bravery of Gordon named Peter. Therefore, he had to work on this particular project with his creative team for days.

McFarland wrote that he hoped that his intention to bring in heroism and the film’s message would not go in vain. After he uncovered the story of Peter from historians, he began the project right away.

While doing the research and development, Peter found many other images of individuals whose stories are yet to be told. He planned to study every bit about the individuals as necessary, especially for the young ones to know more and more.

So better next than ever; now is the right time to find a perfect resemblance for their heroism forever. And most importantly, about the individuals to be remembered with dignity and pride.

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Did Will Smith Turn Down Several Films For Emancipation?

According to his verdict, Smith added that he had turned down several films or filmmakers for the ‘Emancipation’ as he had found the story of ‘Whipped Peter’ interesting. Moreover, this forced him to reconsider his long-standing stance.

The scenario took a drastic turn when the cameras were just created, and somehow the picture of whipped Peter with a scary back went viral; at that time, the impact was disastrous. This story had marked an image in the heart of Will, so he decided to work with Antoine Fuqua for this film. This movie is now available on Apple TV and in the nearest movie.

Apart from McFarland’s apology for his action, intentionally or unintentionally, the critics on social media stated that ‘Peter’ is the one whose image went viral. Further, he joined the UN army during the American Civil War.

The picture was named ‘whipped Peter’ as per the tortures he underwent when being whipped by the enslavers. This image shook the base of the US as it shows the brutality of the Southern Slave Holders; it shows the transformation of Gordon’s image as a symbol of courage and patriotism for the African Americans.

The producer is further criticized for saying he would not sell the pictures for educational purposes. Still, after him, it was supposed to be for educational usage because everyone has to know about it.


As per the general laws, nothing should be done without the consent of the government. Moreover, no controversial images should be present at the Premiere. Even if it is just for reminiscing the vibes of a specific era or period, nothing, as images, in this case, should be outlawed.

Here, Joey Mcfarland has been talking about the heroism of Gordon, and Peter’s condition in 1863. Hence, he took the chance to bring a picture of the ‘Scourged Back,’ but it was not right apparently to do so according to the usual norms of a Premiere show. 

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