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Jennifer Lawrence Is Aware That There Have Been Other Female Action Movie Stars



Jennifer Lawrence Is Aware That There Have Been Other Female Action Movie Stars

Some controversial remarks have been made by Jennifer Lawrence concerning action films that take female stars as a lead. It was recently that she had an interview with Viola Davis.

According to her statement in the interview, she had accepted that actresses do not deserve to be the face of the movie, especially when it is action-oriented.

This comment became viral on social media platforms, and many backlashes have been sparked against the actress for making such a sexist remark. 

This has put Jennifer Lawrence in troubled waters and has targeted the reputation that she developed over the period. She has called upon the Hollywood reporter to interview her once again. She is making every possible attempt to clear the doubt and clarify her original comment.

She thinks that her intention was not to hurt the sentiments of any actor, and everything just got blurted out. It was not the correct way to express her opinion, and she is apologetic about the same. It was a detailed interview that continued for 2 hours at a stretch. Jennifer tried every possible way to convey her message to the people. 

What Did She Confess? 

Jennifer Lawrence confessed that she is not the only woman participating in any action movie. She acknowledged the efforts of her co-stars, who have worked sufficiently hard in the movies like the terminator, Foxy Brown, and Raider.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Aware That There Have Been Other Female Action Movie Stars

All she wanted to stress was the kind of happiness and satisfaction that a woman gets after working in an action movie. It is about the thrill and excitement that any woman obtains. She is equally proud of all other female superstars who have given their best performances in these action movies. She was nervous and anxious as, for the first time in her life, she was being interviewed by a living Legend, Viola. 

That is why in this anxiety, she messed up her stance. She also confirmed with the Hollywood reporter that all the boys cannot get identified without a female lead. She talked about the recent performance of Davis in the most highly-rated movie of all time,

“The Women king, which was released recently and was doing wonders at the box office. She is extremely happy to witness the change in how the directors cast the male and the female leads. 

It is oriented towards the talent of the superstars and not based on the script’s demand. This shift acknowledges the talent and taste of the viewers, who are becoming much more content conscious. She even felt sorry for the blunder she committed last time in her last interview. She also believed that her fans would understand her at any cost because she had never indulged in such a controversial conflict. 

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What Is The Future Course Of Action? 

It is expected that the message Jennifer wanted to convey to the people has been conveyed, and it will clean her image to the maximum possible extent.

Jennifer needs to be conscious concerning the choice of words, especially in the live interviews, because they cannot even be edited. It is essential for the maintenance of the public image that she has generated over the period with the help of her hard work. 


It can be concluded that she has done everything that was possible on her part to do just in order to get away with this issue. This is one of the most useful aspects that will be responsible for the public handling of her image.

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