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Racism!! Comedian Mark Curry Claims A Colorado Springs Hotel Treated Him Unfairly



Racism!! Comedian Mark Curry Claims A Colorado Springs Hotel Treated Him Unfairly

An in-depth Instagram video from comedian Mark Curry was published on Saturday. Curry may be seen expressing his displeasure with racial profiling in one of the unusual situations. We didn’t realize that this behavior was still present in the modern world.

Curry asserts that he was subjected to racial profiling at the Colorado Springs hotel, where he was a guest. He was reportedly a guest at The Mining Exchange hotel in Colorado’s financial district. Curry arrived there since he had a comedy engagement lined up. The alleged profiling took place at this time, according to Curry.

Curry responded by posting a video on Instagram. With a cup of espresso in hand, the 61-year-old actor is seen enjoying the fun. Three and two staff members are seen conversing about him and gazing at him in the same frame.

One of the two just so happened to be white. He claimed to be a staff member even though he had never shown any identification. Curry was asked if he was visited by one of the youngsters. Curry was charged with “playing the race card,” according to the other man. This is weird, considering that Curry, who was accused of trying to use their ethnicity against them, is a black man.

The Whole Ordeal Is An Embarrassment

The scene where the alleged altercation occurs has also been revealed in Curry’s Instagram video. Nine minutes pass during Curry’s argument with the hotel employee. Curry eventually walks to the check-in counter to complain after becoming frustrated with the hassle.

Racism!! Comedian Mark Curry Claims A Colorado Springs Hotel Treated Him Unfairly

The receptionist didn’t remember checking him in, which added to the tension in the video. When Curry approaches the front desk, the employee asks if he is a hotel guest in an almost startling tone.

Even the front desk clerk had been “white-washed,” evidenced by his offensive comment that it would be virtually impossible for a Black guy to afford to live there. On the other hand, Curry adamantly declared that he had reserved a suite.

Given that they were not wearing badges, it is also unclear if it had authorized the individuals who claimed to be workers. The Mining Exchange has made contact with the incident and released a statement.

According to them, it is the entire responsibility of their business to ensure the satisfaction and safety of both their consumers and their employees. As a result, this situation is significant because it could destroy their company.

Possible Re-Evaluation Of The Employee Training

Curry received a ton of support after the incident, as seen in the influx of comments on his Instagram post. Most of his supporters have flat-out condemned this occurrence as horrible and disgusting.

Because racism is a heinous crime in today’s diverse society. America also represents liberalism in its purest form. Being a supporter of liberalism, this act of racism demonstrates the need for individuals to shed their ingrained “white supremacy still.”

In a video posted on Instagram, Curry later claimed that he didn’t want to be recognized as one of these people’s guests. He justified the fact that there were many White folks in the foyer. Three hundred individuals, most of whom appeared to be white, were present, and the hotel employee who approached him didn’t seem to worry anyone.

What is more upsetting is witnessing people turn a blind eye to someone being mistreated, regardless of ethnicity. Before returning to his room, the comic in the social media film also threatens to call the police.

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Curry also exhorts his supporters in the video to contact the hotel about the alleged assault. The hotel company has reassured customers that they would treat this issue seriously and that they will work to train staff members on how to deal with visitors.

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