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Kathy Griffin’s Instagram Reveal Of Prince Harry Draws Comparisons To Actor Armie Hammer



Kathy Griffin's Instagram Reveal Of Prince Harry Draws Comparisons To Actor Armie Hammer

Are you wondering who Kathy Griffin is? Well, she is none other than the popular actress who happens to be a two-time Grammy and Emmy, award winner. She is known for her quick comic timing. Moreover, she also managed to sneak into several reality TV shows. Now, she happens to be all over the news bulletin due to some of her supposedly funny actions.

She managed to compare Prince Harry to Armie Hammer on a social media platform, Instagram. She revealed to those who did not know, how he managed to message Meghan Markle on Instagram, and connected with her. For more such exciting revelations, read on.

The Insta-Video Reveal

The comedian and actress managed to pull off a funny feat, once again. The 62-year-old has said that the way, Harry got in touch with Markle over an Instagram chat surely was a great option for many others.

Kathy Griffin's Instagram Reveal Of Prince Harry Draws Comparisons To Actor Armie Hammer

She compares the prince to other normal guys from Los Angeles who keep scrolling through social media profiles to get a good date. She happens to compare him to Armie Hammer who did something similar but landed in a soup only recently.

For the unversed, Armie Hammer is a popular American actor, who started his acting career with guest appearances in several TV series. His most popular role to date is as the Winklevoss twins from the 2010s, The Social Network.

He is under legal scrutiny due to sexual misconduct. He has allegedly raped an ex-lover and has been accused of sending lewd messages through messaging apps to several women in 2021. However, he has denied all these allegations against him. This is the reason that Griffin compared Harry to Armie Hammer. However, she also added that the prince managed to get through without any fiasco.

Griffin Keeps Mocking Harry And Meghan

In another funny post, she mocked the charitable efforts of the duo. She added that they seem to be exaggerating and bragging about what good they can do for society. She even went on to mock the royals and asked the general public if they had done any good to anyone in recent times. She also called the Duchess a ‘briefcase girl.’

The Duchess of Sussex had starred in a game show called Deal or No Deal, which probably reduced women to mere bimbos. However, she quit soon after realizing that she was not made for such shows.

Griffin has brought up this topic as well, indirectly through her video posts. Griffin made all the remarks after Prince Harry revealed in one of his posts how he could recognize his future wife when he first saw her on social media. She does not seem to be impressed by the manner, in which the prince got in touch with Meghan Markle. She was expecting something better, in the love story of the royal couple, which alas left her dejected.

Harry and Meghan – A six-episode series started airing on December 8, which reveals the love story of both. Meghan also openly stated on the show, that she was not exactly looking for a relationship at that moment. 

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That was way back in 2016 when the duo finally met. The show airs on Netflix and is supposed to be telecasted till December 15. It has garnered a variety of reviews. And Griffin’s seems to be one of them. She enjoyed making fun of the duo on social media, something that she is adept at.

The whole occurrence has taken the internet and social media world by storm. Let us look forward to, what the couple has to say about this. Only time will reveal that!

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