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James Gunn’s Next DC Movie Slate Will Have More Information In 2023



James Gunn's Next DC Movie Slate Will Have More Information In 2023

DC Comics characters have seen the light of day in the form of human characters and animations in movies and TV series.

Moreover, DC Studios is a part of Warner Bros, which is dedicated to making movies and TV series on comics. For the unversed, James Gunn heads the DC Extended Universe, the first franchise of the studios along with Peter Safran.

Now, it sets the scene. In a recent interview, James Gunn revealed that the future template for DC films is all ready to go on the floors in 2023.

The Man Behind Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Director is quite happy with the announcement. He has revealed that he has been successful at the moment in giving a new shape and direction to the franchise. The fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement, it seems.

James Gunn's Next DC Movie Slate Will Have More Information In 2023

He also revealed that he and his team members are in touch with stars like Henry Cavill. He played the role of Superman in the last film. The franchise owner also contacted Ben Affleck, who was part of Batman. A stellar star cast seems to be waiting in the wings.

James Gunn is quite hopeful that they are going to come up with the best movies and TV series in 2023.

All the announcements are on hold but will be out soon. He has also broken the news that the makers will concentrate on the early life of Superman in the new movie.

So, Henry Cavill may not play the role. However, he also added that they are in talks with some future projects. This news may dishearten fans, and it can have a huge effect on the forthcoming release’s box office collections.

More New Changes For The Franchise

In the meanwhile, Gunn has also told reporters that Ben Affleck, who appeared in Batman, wants to come back, but as a director this time. However, the time may not be just right.

Gunn and Affleck are still waiting for a new project, on which they can start working soon. After Gunn and Safran took over as the new CEOs, they managed to shake up the franchise. The duo’s takeover has been a major cause for worry, for some people.

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All those, who are still unaware of the changes can catch up here. As already revealed, Henry Cavill will not be coming back as Superman. In October, he was made to announce that he would be coming back, and now he has been asked to do the opposite.

Wonder Woman 3 is also stuck, due to disagreements between the stars. Patty Jenkins, who had directed the previous parts of the female-superhero movie has stated that they had creative differences, which have been worked upon. The DC franchise happens to be undergoing huge changes.

Other changes include the cancellation of Man of Steel 2, and then Jason Momoa’s removal from the reprisal of Aquaman to something that is also in the news. The Black Adam sequel may also be on hold for some time at least.

Nothing is final yet. However, Gunn says that all these are a part of a business strategy. He is bringing forth huge shifts so that the next ten years of the franchise are all set for success.

Another piece of news that is doing the rounds is that of Michael Keaton’s new feat in The Flash.

There is no word on this from the CEOs yet. Before closing, all fans should know what all have been finalized. The slate of movies and TV series includes The Flash, Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom, Batman 2, and Shazam, to name a few.

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