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Model Shy Glizzy Alleges Sexual Misconduct During “White Girl” Video Shoot



Model Shy Glizzy Alleges Sexual Misconduct During White Girl Video Shoot

The eight-year-old song “White girl” which was released back in 2014 dropped its music video after a long wait on youtube a month ago. The long-awaited video co-stars OnlyFans model Sky Bri and Shy Glizzy himself. After a month the video has bagged around 482,000 viewers. 

Prior to shooting the video for “white girl” the OnlyFans star Ski Bri had done a photoshoot collab with the pop musician Shy Glizzy, where the rapper exchanged the number. Ski claims that the singer was desperate for his appearance for his music video for the song “White girl”. The rapper went on to insist she is in the video until she agreed to it.

Initially, she asked for $5000 for her work on the video but the voice artist turned down her asking price and offered a smaller amount of $3000. She confessed that she agreed to do it because the song was huge and she grew up listening to it.

What Happened In The Shoot?

On the day of the shoot, she came to realize that she was in charge of her makeup, wardrobe, hair, and everything. As the shoot began she was asked to go underwater for the shoot, despite all the makeover she had done to herself for the shoot, which usually can be filmed last.

Model Shy Glizzy Alleges Sexual Misconduct During White Girl Video Shoot

She revealed in the podcast of Adam22 that after the arrival of Shy Glizzy to the 10-hour shoot, he initially attempted to flirt with her even though she was not interested in him.

In addition, she felt uncomfortable being around him as she kind of got a weird personality from him.

Another horrible thing that came to light was that the singer compelled her to take a pill that will lighten her mood.

After the set was completed, as she was packing her bags to leave the place, sky alleges that Jefe came into the room and pulled her into the bed demanding oral sex which she deliberately disagreed to do, which evolved sky to pull her fees that he agreed to pay her video shoot.

In response to the incident, the OnlyFans model agreed to walk out of the sets without his pay and expressed her concern to the director, Whipalo and his whom she had gained genuine acquaintance with them over the 10- hour long shot; which they found very unprofessional from the singer and helped her to escort her home.

At first, she didn’t want to talk about it because it was disgusting itself, but then she realized that it needed to be spoken about because he doesn’t deserve to walk away from a situation like this, she added that he is lucky that she is not suing him.

Even we have to agree with her decision for speaking out because so many similar incidents occurrences are restricting girls from structuring their careers due to these kinds of inappropriate sexual behavior.

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Even after the inappropriate behavior, the singer responded to the TikTok video uploaded by Ski Bri, the video was a screenshot of her recap of 2022 of the first music video which she has done with him with the caption “starring in my first music video that didn’t get paid and my lawyers will be in contact” which assumed as a joke.

The rapper replied to the video with a question about what was it about and she admitted that she hasn’t responded o him after that incident.

In addition, she expressed her concern for the other girls that most of them end up doing whatever the employer asked for the money. Besides the amazing music video, at the end of the day, it still haunts her. 

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