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Phoebe Bridgers Declared The Death Of Her Father



Phoebe Bridgers Declared The Death Of Her Father

The American musician and songwriter Pheobe Bridgers is mourning his father’s demise. The singer of the KYOTO announced the heartbreaking news of her father’s death on her Instagram handles with an old picture of them together with the caption “rest in peace dad”. 

In the picture, Pheobe can be seen with her hair colored pink and wearing a purple headband enjoying some quality time with his dad while listening to a song together.

Losing loved ones can be hard the vocal artist is struggling to cope with the fact that her beloved father is no more. The struggling vocal artist has not shared any detailed information regarding the demise of her father.

She Disclosed The Sour Relationship With Her Father

In an interview back in 2020 with NPR, phoebe revealed that she had a sour relationship with her father and it is complicated. As she was growing up her father became complex to figure out due to “drug thing” and, abusive behavior.

She had mixed emotions toward her father, she disclosed in the interview that she was present in a weird way but always emotionally unavailable. Therefore, she had her frustrations with her father which she lyrically exposed in her song ‘Kyoto’.

In the song, she clearly states how she feels about her father, as well as her anticipation of whether or not she should forgive him for his past actions.

According to bridgers, the song helped her to process the circumstances of her relationship with her father, as well as to cope with some challenging emotions.

In the waves of the song, she was able to express all the trapped emotions and it helped to come out of the anger she had for him.

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Despite his inappropriate behavior, the singer and songwriter always had a soft spot for her father. Her kind heart of her forgave him for all his past actions.

Seeing her father losing control of himself, Phoebe was scared to drink, she always thought it would lose her control. She had her first drink at the age of 19. She added, she was scared to drink before that.

On the other hand, her mother Jamie Bridgers always took care of her and her brother Jackson. She hopped from job to job to make the ends meet in the family as her father’s income as a scenic carpenter was never enough to feed the entire family.

Her mother shaped her to explore her musical ambitions. Phoebe has credited all her achievements to her mother as she is the reason for her successful music career.

The singer revealed that her mother helped her to gain an interest in music by introducing her to singers, and songwriters as well as she would drive her to clubs and music sessions such as guitar lessons.

Despite all the hard times, phoebe should be really glad that she was able to overcome all the emotional hurdles towards her father.

If it wasn’t for her, she might be regretting it now. It’s upsetting for the matter to digest, but at the same time regarding the relationship and behavior of the father, she was able to forgive him despite his actions.

The reward for that kind of forgiveness will soothe her in the coming days, in the absence of her father.

The forgiveness she embraced toward his guardian enabled both of them to spend quality time together before his demise.

Facing these emotional challenges matured her as well developed more sympathy towards them as she grew into further adulthood.

In these tragic times, all the prayers go to the bridger’s family and friends.

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