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GB News Causes A Stir As Expert Says Meghan And Harry ‘Milking Diana’s Legacy’



GB News Causes A Stir As Expert Says Meghan And Harry ‘Milking Diana’s Legacy’

The Royal Family affairs were a matter of discussion among the people for a long time. And this rose after Prince Harry married a commoner like Megan Markle.

The couple got married in 2018 and hereafter things got turned upside down in the Royal Family. In January 2020, the couple stepped down from the royal family and moved to South California. 

Recently, in December 2022 the couple released a documentary series, Harry & Meghan which has paved way for numerous controversies within the family and the public. The six-part series covers the duo’s relationship from their early stages till their succeeding activities.

And as of the estimate by the Broadcasters Audience Research Board(BARB), it was the most-watched Netflix premiere of 2022 in the United Kingdom.

Expert Commented On Prince Harry And His Activities

As the New Year is ahead of us, Prince Harry is all set to release his tell-all memoir, Spare in January 2023. The news of the publication of the memoir was announced in July 2021 and is said that the proceeds from the sale will be given to charity.

GB News Causes A Stir As Expert Says Meghan And Harry ‘Milking Diana’s Legacy’

When asked further about his memoir, he stated that it was not written as the prince he was born but rather the man he has become.

Lately, there were claims made by others that Meghan and Harry are ‘milking Diana’s legacy.’ At a show by GB News, Royal expert June Slater expressed her thoughts to Mark Dolan on Wednesday.

In the show, she spoke about Prince Harry and his actions which urged her to make such comments. While speaking about him, the duo said that he should let his mother rest in peace. From this statement, it is clear that his actions are not entertaining to many. 

The Duke of Sussex is all set to release his autobiography in the coming days. And days before the publication, numerous sensational assertions and accusations from the autobiography have been leaked lately that have led to discussions and debates in Hollywood. 

In the GB News show, Mark stated that Harry has been manipulated by his wife Meghan whose name she doesn’t mention intentionally. Rather she claims that Meghan is a strong woman. 

He even compared Meghan with Princess Diana whom he remarked was a lovable woman and not a strong woman. He even added that Diana was a very attractive woman with a good nature in the wrong family. And ever since her wedding to Charles, she wasn’t allowed to grow and even lost her life at a very young age. 

Mark even remembers the day when he was in St Tropez at the same time Diana was and as he went past Dodi’s(romantic partner of Diana, Princess of Wales) villa he said that they were out on his jet bike. 

It was on 31 August 1997, Dodi and Diana were killed in a car crash. The couple was together only for a few months and was in the initial stage of a love relationship when they were both killed in Paris.

Mark stated that after the Princess’ death, the people in St. Tropez were heartbroken. Her death has saddened everyone as she was loved by all. And he even urged that no one else’s death has affected the world like hers.               

While coming back to Meghan and Harry, Slater urged that the couple hasn’t done anything when compared to the Late Princess of Wales and are just average in what they are doing now.

And by doing these actions they are trying to milk Diana’s legacy according to the expert. She even stated that if Diana was alive now, she would have seen through Meghan Markle. 

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After Slater’s comments on the couple went viral all over the media, people came up with strong reactions to share their frustrations. Most of them commended supporting the couple and their efforts.

One among them commended that Diana, being his mom, Harry has the right to speak about her. They even commended urging her to mind her own business and stop further reporting boring things.

Almost every comment was in support of the couple and they even asked the exp[ert to stop talking about the couple any further and rather chose something that could be of use to the public. 

Although there were comments against the expert, some comments were in support of her and even stated that what she said is true and that Prince Harry is clearly milking it.  

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