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Hilary Swank Predicted She Would Have Twins Since Her Childhood



Hilary Swank Predicted She Would Have Twins Since Her Childhood

American actress Hilary Swank predicted when she was a little girl that she will be a mother of twin babies in her life. She is 12 weeks pregnant and pleasantly participated in the Golden Globe Awards in 2023. 

She said to the media that she feels great and she is at a good point in her pregnancy. It is not like too much yet so she is feeling blessed to be here and she is blessed on so many levels in her life.

Hilary Swank And Her Husband Discloses The Delightful News To The Media

She shared things about her pregnancy with the media at the Golden Globe Awards occasion that she totally changed and her body parts are showing visible changes on her. She has not revealed her pregnancy until 12 months. She thinks her uterus is changing the most and it is doubling in order to. 

Hilary Swank Predicted She Would Have Twins Since Her Childhood

And then the new parents are not finding the gender of their children. They eagerly wait for the moment those pop out from her womb. And now they are planning a couple of names for their twins. She completely trusted in the capacity of her body for delivering her babies. 

And she was waiting with her husband Philip Scheider to expand their family together. Swank wanted children for a long time. She was expecting twin babies and the confirmation news was exciting to her. It’s totally a miracle and she can’t believe this. She was blessed with twin babies in her womb.

She strongly believed that she is going to be a mother of twins because her grandmother and her husband’s grandmother both have twins. And she believed in the hereditary of their generation. 

And she showed her gratitude towards the Golden Globe Awards for nominating her as the best performer in television series. And she explained she was blessed to be a part of the Alaska Daily. 

Hilary Swank and Philip Scheider started their relationship in 2016. And they married in August 2018. Both of them revealed the delightful news to the media last October. 

She said about her husband Vogue in 2018 that she was overwhelmed with such gratitude and thanks for marrying the man of her dreams and seeing all the people they loved together in the middle of such a profound setting and it was really like a dream come true. It was timeless. And there is just no other way to describe the best feeling in the world. 

She disclosed the bond between them on their first anniversary. She wrote on her Instagram page that “it’s been a year and the best of her life. And happy one-year anniversary to the love of her life”.

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All of her followers and fans are not much satisfied with her pregnancy news at the age of 48. But Swank is happy with her pregnancy news and realized that she is super lucky to have children at this age. 

Some media reported that her late pregnancy gave false hope to other women. They believed that it misled most women. 

She shared her pregnancy photos through the media by sharing both of their delights to be parents. She said that she expecting to be a mom of twins along with revealing her pregnancy news in an interview with Good Morning America. 

She was waiting for a long time for this good news, and her next thing is she going to be a mom not just of one, but of two. She can’t believe this because her childhood dream come true. 

And she feels nice to be able to talk about it and share it. 

She also shared photos and videos of her growing womb. She posted a video on social media that her rubbing her belly delightfully with a caption of “coming soon… DOUBLE feature” along with two baby head emojis. 

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