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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Questioned Those Who Criticize Political Correctness



Julia Louis-Dreyfus Questioned Those Who Criticize Political Correctness

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the 62-year-old actress cum comedian questions those who complain about political correctness and she says she stands with both irony and sensitivity at the same time.

Julia is like she does not agree with the complaints of comedians, like Jerry Seinfield, one of her former costars who says that due to political correctness, the comedians like him face many difficulties in their work and as a result, they are unable to put their entire caliber in their profession. 

Julia Louis Doesn’t Support The Comedians In This Incident

Julia Louis doesn’t stand with the comedians in this incident and she is along with those who support political correctness. Julia says political correctness is more important for her and according to her political correctness means the one which comes out of kindness and humanity. She also says that in her opinion being politically correct does not mean we cannot satirize.

Julia Louis Doesn't Support The Comedians Who Complain About Political Correctness

She says at the same time there should be space provided for the culture to survive along with being kind and sensitive.

Julia claims that she is very suspicious about those who are often chattering against the term political correctness that it seems like they are normal for making racist jokes about people and are happy with making jokes about the violence against women. She did not fail to criticize her former co-stars for their inability to make non-PC jokes in their series.

Louis-Dreyfus also says that standing with political correctness does not mean she doesn’t have much respect for her profession but only means that the movies and shows should give appropriate respect to the people who watch the shows.

She says it is better to convey their concern about the political culture and criticize it through their shows is just fine, to bring out the political content into the mind of the public. But it must be done in a non-hurting way.

But many comedians just want people to laugh at their comedy without giving them a chance to think about their society.

Such people are creating problems in sensible comedies by asking them to censor certain portions for the sake of ‘political correctness’.

Julia Louis who is also the actress in the movie ‘Veep’, which is a comedy track that uses much politically offensive criticism in the form of humor is like the jokes in the movies are just for creating funny moments and must not make any hard feelings in anyone. She explains that they do such kinds of shows to bring the political culture to notice. 

Julia is the winner of many Awards including the Emmy Award. She got married to her co-star, Brad Hall who worked together in ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1987. They have got two children, Henry who is 30 the first one, and 25-year-old Charlie the younger one. 

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Julia got a great appreciation for the series ‘Veep’ and even the vice president of the US did not fail to praise her for her performance as Selina Mayer in the series.

The series had to end up eventually without completion as the US faced the Capitol attack in January 2021 which led to the miserable death of 5 people in the attack. After this incident, the then-President of the US, Donald Trump had to leave his position to Joe Biden. 

Julia was very upset about this incident that she was like how could anyone make funny movies and laugh at them when the US is facing a crucial situation and many are even losing their lives? This is good evidence for her sake that she stands with humanity and kindness which seems like the term ‘political correctness’ in her point of view.

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