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Truth Behind Nick Offerman Gay Rumours: His Last of Us Role in Detail!



Truth Behind Nick Offerman Gay Rumours His Last of Us Role in Detail

Nick Offerman portrays the character Bill, who is pivotal in the series, in HBO’s sensational hit The Last of Us and fans are raising questions about his real-life sexual orientation and whether it is similar to that of the role he is playing. 

Nick has revealed that although his character definitely is gay, he himself is not. He is married to the actor, singer, and comedian Megan Mullally. 

However, Nick has been a very vocal advocate for queer rights and the LBGTQ+ community and has stated before that while reading scripts if there are any misogynistic or homophobic, or racist humor elements in them, it is always a red flag.  

Murray Bartlett, who plays Bill’s gay lover ‘Frank’ in The Last of Us, is an outspoken gay artist who came out very early in his career. 

Something New For Game Fans

For fans of the original video game that the show is based on, the relationship between Bill and Frank is an entirely new scenario that was beautifully conceptualized and portrayed by the actors. 

In probably the most intimate scenes of the series for far, Episode 3 of The Last of Us reveals how Bill and Frank meet each and how their relationship grows amidst the ensuing apocalyptic events they face which eventually leads to their beautiful but tragic ending. 

Bill and Frank from Last Of Us

Their relationship plays an important role in the character development of one of the leads Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) in shaking up his rather pessimistic views of the dangerous and terrifying world they are living in.

It inspires Joel to make the realization that even in a grim and hopeless world, elements like love and happiness are achievable, and meaningful when they are found. 

Bill And Frank’s Relationship In The Game

The romantic connection between Bill and Frank is a completely new direction that the makers are venturing into with the story, although some subtle hints about how deep their relationship was were given out in the 2013 game. 

Joel and Ellie, like in the show, are seeking out a vehicle for their journey and they encounter Bill with whom they have to work together to escape the town safely with the necessary equipment. 

Along their quest, Bill tells Joel and Ellie about a former partner of his named Frank who had to kill himself after being infected to protect the rest of their group.

An easter egg awaited players who dug around the area and found a letter that Frank once left for Bill with the words “I hated your guts” written on it. 

According to the developers of the game, Bill’s sexuality and the nature of their relationship were not explicitly mentioned in the game but the magazine that Ellie finds and shows to Joel can help support the theory. 

Game director Bruce Straley says that Bill’s role in the game is to show Joel that there is a  person with genuine feelings for another human in the world which Joel can aspire towards to build his relationship with Ellie. 

It will also help Joel realize that he could turn out to be this eccentric, depressed and lonely person like Bill if he keeps pushing away the people in life. 

The Significance Of Bill And Frank’s New Arc

To the creators of the show, Bill and Frank’s story provided an opportunity to communicate to Joel and the viewers the importance of making lifelong connections in the world.

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In spite of the hardships and perils of everyday life, it was possible to care for one another and find happiness in the world, which was something important that they wanted to convey through the novel narrative. 

It beautifully portrayed a simple way of how relationships could prosper, endure, and eventually subside in a natural way through death and how normal it was.

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