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Kelly And Pink Mesmerized The Atmosphere When They United For ‘What About Us’ Duet



Kelly And Pink Mesmerized The Atmosphere When They United For 'What About Us' Duet

The fans and netizens were flattered when the iconic duo Kelly Clarkson and Pink performed duets of some of Pink’s early hits. They performed Pink’s hit “What about Us” together, when she appeared as a guest on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

Before the guitarist began striking the strings, Kelly Clarkson and Pink began discussing the origin of the song and how did Pink come up with such deep emotions to craft the beautiful song.

Kelly Shared The Emotional Experience Of Creating This Song

The American Songwriter expressed that “We were not listening to each other right now, and it’s so loud and so gross and angry”.

Pink continued that while writing the track she felt “people are being forgotten, people are being counted out and their rights getting trampled just because a group of people doesn’t believe in them” which means that she believes it is not fair for a person to lose their confidence in themselves just because a group of people does not believe them.

Pink added that she couldn’t stand ‌the fact that just because they didn’t like it, she couldn’t agree with them.

She recalled one of the things her dad taught her was that; her voice matters and that she can make a difference in the world, and she insisted on the fact that she would indeed change. Kelly responded that it was an incredible thing to learn at such a young age.

Then Jerrico Dustin started humming the beautiful verses on her guitar, while Pink began singing her hit song; later Kelly joined her to make it more beautiful.

The three-time Grammy-winning artist also opened up about the backstory of her 2006 hit “Who Knew”. The song was inspired when she was a teenager and a lot of several close friends lost their lives to overdose.

She added that she never gets tired of performing the song again and again because she believes those lyrics and verses have evolved throughout the years, as it became not about a single person.

She said that song represents all the close people whom she has loved over time. In her words “The thing about the song that I love now, after all these years, is that I never get tired of performing it, and it’s taken on so many different meanings over the years.

It was my grandmother at one point, it was about my dog. I’ve lost people, and so, it’s always short of a fresh start”. Moreover, it helped her to cope with the emotions that mourned the loss, as she needed music to overcome her emotions. The audience cheered her up after she revealed her devastating story, which pumped her up, and she began singing.

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On the show, Pink also opened up about her husband, Carey Hart. She went on to roast her husband on the show about how she sang a song for him to let him know what the world feels and talks about him.

They also sneak peek at the upcoming album “Trustfall” by Pink‌, which is her ninth album. She went on to explain the meaning of the upcoming album; she said that “I feel like life right now – getting out of the bed in the morning, having a vagina, dropping your kids off at school, participating in elections, All of this requires so much trust right now. And I think life is a trust fall and those are the questions you have to ask: What do you fall for and what’s worth it?” 

The album Trust Fall will feature 13 tracks, which includes “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”, the recently released track “TRUSTFALL”, her duet with Chris Stapelton, The Lumineers and First Aid Kit, and several other projects.

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