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Trugoy The Dove: Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Biography, And Personal Life



Trugoy The Dove Cause of death, Net Worth, Biography, And Personal Life

David Jude Jolicoeur, popularly known by his stage name Trugoy The Dove, died on February 11 Saturday at 54 followed by a heart illness. According to AllHipHop, the Hip Hop artist suffered from a heart illness for some years. 

Erick Sermon his fellow rapper announced the devastating news through his Instagram on Saturday along with a photograph of Trugoy. And he wrote that his demise hurt a lot. He passed away and he will be missed by his fellow artists, friends, and his fans. 

His congestive heart failure was diagnosed in 2017. The specific cause of death is not announced. The HipHop community mourns the loss of one diamond. The rap world was shocked after hearing the devastating news. 

His fans and followers shared their grief through several social media along with his photographs. 

The founding member of the Hip Hop De La Soul has previously explained his struggles with multiple health problems. De La Soul won a Grammy Award in 2006. 

Followed by his death news, people showed their interest to know more about their favorite rapper. Searches regarding his real cause of death,  personal life, net worth, and family are coming. 

David Jude Jolicoeur aka Trugoy The Dove

Here we provided the true facts related to your favorite Hip Hop star.  Please go through it to find out more about him.

De La Soul Legend Biography

Trugoy The Dove has born by the name David Jude Jolicoeur and is also known as Dave. Trugoy The Dove gain immense popularity as a Hip Hop artist and rapper. He was born on September 21, 1968, in Brooklyn New York, and grew up in East Massapequa. 

Trugoy completed his high school studies in Amityville. There he met with his friends Vincent Mason and Kelvin Mercer who was later known by the names P.A. Pasemaster Mase and Posdnuos. 

The trio later decided to form a rap group and worked hard for its success. Their debut album is named 3 Feet High and Rising it labeled the three performers as The Hippies of Hip Hop. Their second album came in 1991 in the name of De La Soul Is Dead. 

Trugoy The Dove’s Net Worth

According to some reliable sources, the Hip Hop artist’s net worth is approximately around $2 million to $5 million.

As a founder member of the Hip Hop trio De La Soul, producer, and rapper his Hip Hop career highly contributed to his net worth. 

As per the reports, the primary source of his income is speculated as his musical career. He was actively involved in several productions and directions of numerous albums and songs for over three decades. It mostly added to his net worth. 

De La Soul

Additional to his musical career, he also did several investments in real estate and other businesses. It also helped him to add more to his net worth. 

David Jolicoeur’s Cause Of Death

The real cause of his death is searched by more people on the Internet. 

His death was confirmed by several sources but no more about the cause of death. 

As per the report, Trugoy the Dove’s specific cause of death is not confirmed. The primary report indicates he suffered from multiple health issues for some years is the reason for his demise. 

His Family

Further personal details regarding his family, early life, relationships, wife, and children are not available. 

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Trugoy The Dove Height And Weight

The rapper’s physical appearance has detailed here. There are no sources available providing the real facts about his measurements. As per the reports, his height is estimated around 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. 

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