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Sharon Stone’s Brother Patrick Joseph Stone Dies At 57 From A Heart Attack  



Patrick Joseph Stone, brother of actress Sharone Stone died on Sunday in Pennsylvania at the age of 57. 

Sharon Stone confirmed her brother’s death through Instagram on Monday. She shared a photograph along with Patrick and wrote “Hello everybody, this message is to confirm that my younger brother Patrick passed away”.“RIP my brother Patrick Joseph Stone”.

According to TMZ, the cause of his death was cardiac arrest. But further details regarding his health condition are not provided. 

Patrick Joseph Stone’s Family

Patrick’s son River died in 2021 followed by an organ failure when he was 11 months old.  

River was the Youngest child of Patrick and his wife Tasha. Patrick was living with his wife and three children in Ohio. 

Sharon Stone's Brother Patrick Joseph Stone Death

Patrick’s widow shared the devastating news through social media. Patrick Stone’s wife Tasha wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday morning that her heart feels like it’s been ripped out of her chest. Her husband Patrick went to be with their sweet son River around 3:30 Sunday morning. She didn’t know what else to say, Patrick was her world. He was her soulmate and they just got each other even at their ugliest. She is not sure what life is supposed to look like without her husband by her side and quite honestly she doesn’t want to, but she will of course. She just hopes that Patrick always stays by her side watching over Hunter, Kaylee, and her. 

She continued, until they met again she will forever hold him and their wonderful memories close to her heart and she will visit those memories often. Her wish through all of this is that now at least her son and husband are together and she hopes the two of them are having the best time. 

Sharon also has a brother Michael Stone and a sister Kelly Stone. Michael was also an actor. Sharon remarked in her book named “The Beauty of Living Twice”  that she was always close to her younger brother Patrick. And recently she kept a better relationship with Michael Stone. 

Patrick and his family made several appearances through Sharon’s social media posts. In 2018 Sharon shared a photograph along with her three sons, Patrick, his wife Tasha, and their two beautiful children during their trip to Alaska. 

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In 2021, Sharon shared the heartbreaking news about the death of her nephew River through her Instagram. She shared a video of River with the caption River William Stone Born September 8, 2020, and died on August 30, 2021. 

Sharon didn’t explain what really happened to her nephew. She just mentioned he was suffering from organ failure and continued in a coma stage. River needed a miracle to get back to his normal life because he was in a critical condition. 

At the time River was suffering from severe organ failure, Sharon shared a photograph of that baby lying on the hospital bed. She wrote “My nephew and godson River William Stone was found in his crib with total organ failure today. Please pray for him. 

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