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Dax Tejera Cause Of Death: ABC News Producer Died At 37



Dax Tejera Cause Of Death ABC News Producer Died At 37

Dax Tejera, a well-known producer died last December while intoxicated. Tejera’s real cause of death has been revealed after two months. He was working as an executive producer of ABC’s This Week. 

Tejera’s death was confirmed on December 23, 2022. ABC News president Kim Godwin has shared his death through a statement saying Tejera died from a heart attack at the age of 37. 

Recently, the reason for his death was revealed by the officials. According to the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, his death was recorded followed by Asphyxia and his death was accidental. 

Experts explained the reason for his death as “Asphyxia due to obstruction of the airway by food bolus complicating acute alcohol intoxication”.

Dax Tejera’s Wife Veronica Became A Source Of Controversy

Tejera was living with his wife Veronica Tejera and two daughters. Their first daughter named Sofia 3 years old and the second daughter named Ella was 7 months old. 

Dax Tejera Cause Of Death ABC News Producer Died At 37

They lived together in Chevy Chase, Maryland. But they make several visits to New York City for spending holidays. 

The night he died, officers contacted the hotel near Grand Central Terminal where Tejera resided with his family. His wife Veronica became the source of controversy that night and she was arrested alleging child endangerment

Officials said that Veronica has left their two-year-old one and a 7-month-old one alone in the hotel room. 

Later Veronica came with a clarification to that incident by saying leaving her toddler and infant at the home alone was one of her poor decision. 

On that day, she also went to the hospital with Tejera, she said her friend and her family took care of her children. 

The hotel would not be allowed them to enter her room and took care of the children. And she added their daily went through the most terrible time, she mourns Tejera’s death. 

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Tejera started working at ABC News in 2017 as a producer. Later he gets a promotion to executive producer of Good Morning America in 2020.   

His death was a shock for the community. Several people have come with remarks and comments regarding his death. 

His fellow workers and friends grieve after hearing the devastating news. Many of them shared their condolence for his family through social media. 

The Network’s president has remarked that Tejera’s passion, energy, dedication, commitment, and love for the show shone every Sunday morning. 

Jonathan Karl a co-worker said that Tejera has adored his family and he is more loved with his work. Tejera was highly concentrated on his career and always struggled to make his show better. His sudden departure shocked and hurt him a lot. 

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