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Nadia Ferreira’s Pregnancy Revelation: Marc Anthony’s Current Wife



Nadia Ferreira's Pregnancy Revelation Marc Anthony's Current Wife

American singer and actor Marc Anthony is going to be a father again with his newlywed wife, Nadia Ferreira.

Is she his only wife and is this the first baby the duo is gonna have within a month of their marriage?

Are the rumors true that this is Anthony’s baby No. 7 in his fourth wife? Let’s delve deep to know more about the newlywed who is soon gonna be a mom and dad. 

Who Is Nadia Ferreira?

Anthony’s newly wedded wife is a Paraguayan fashion model and beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 and even represented her country in the Miss Universe 2021 and completed as the first runner-up.

Nadia Tamara Ferreira was born in Villarrica, Paraguay on May 10, 1999. She became popular as a model after being selected to walk for Custo Barcelona at New York Fashion Week 2018.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira

The twenty-three-year model started her career by debuting in the Patrol Jeans commercial and other promotional campaigns.

Although she had created a name of her own within a short span in the industry, she became more popular when she made her relationship with Anthony official through her social media.

And within three months, the couple took their love life to the next level by getting engaged in May 2022. She even shared pictures of her engagement ring through social media platforms.  

Apart from being a model, Ferreira is also a proud member of the United Nations Development Programme and an advocate for sustainable development to bring awareness to the care of her country.  

How Did Love Bloom Between Anthony And Ferreira?

Since early 2022, there have been rumors about a romantic relationship between the Paraguayan fashion model and the American singer.

The duo was spotted together in Mexico City. but prior to these rumors, it was reported that the 54-year-old actor and singer were in a relationship with Madu Nicola whom he was spotted kissing on the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards red carpet.

Little is known about how the duo got linked and how a romantic connection bloomed between the two.

Anthony, who is known for her romantic connections, has become a matter of discussion after he made his relationship official with Ferreira, who is years younger than him. 

How Old Is Marc Anthony From His Newlywed Wife?

With the luxurious Miami wedding of Anthony and Ferreira, people have started speaking about the duo’s age gap.

As of the records, it is reported that Marc Anthony is around 31 years older than his new wife. Ferreira was born in 1999 while Anthony was born in 1968. 

Is Ferreira, Anthony’s Fourth Wife?

Yes, the American actor popularly known for his love life has married several times and mostly to celebrities.

The “I Need to Know” singer dated Debbie Rosado in early 1994 and from this relationship he has a daughter and has even adopted a son.

And during the 1996-98 era, he dated and got engaged to Dominican-American actress Claudette Lali. but this relationship was not taken to the next level and only had a short life. 

Anthony was married for the first time to Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in 2000 and in this relationship, he has two sons.

Marc Anthony and his family

As there were many issues between the two, the relationship didn’t last much and the couple got separated within two years.

Later, they rekindled and again renewed their vows in 2002 which also doesn’t last much as they got divorced in 2004. 

In June 2004, Anthony married Jennifer Lopez with whom he had a romantic connection in the late 1990s. With their successful marriage, she gave birth to their twins in 2008.

But later, the couple announced their separation in July 2011 and were divorced in 2014. The same year, Anthony got married to model Shannon De Lima whom he divorced within 2 years of their married life. 

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And finally, years after his break from a love connection, Anthony has again found love in Miss Universe Paraguay Nadia Ferreira. 

Currently, the newlyweds are expecting their first baby together and revealed this great news to the world through their social media on February 14.

The couple captioned the picture as Best Valentine’s Gift Ever and reveals her little baby bump with her husband’s hand placed on her belly.

They even thanked God for giving them the greatest blessings of their life. The couple’s first baby boy will be the 7th of the singer while the first for Ferreira.

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