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Who Is Dick Van Dyke Wife? All About Arlene Silver



Who Is Dick Van Dyke's Wife All About Arlene Silver

Richard Wayne Van Dyke also known as Dick Van Dyke is a popular American actor and comedian. The latest news came, Dick married Arlene Silver, a professional makeup artist who is 46 years younger than him. 

The couple opened up about their relationship. They first met in 2006 at the SAG Awards. Silver was working as a makeup artist at the SAG Award function. Dick hired Silver for his new projects. Both of them enjoyed working together. It paved the way to blossom their romance. 

About Dick Van Dyke And Arlene Silver Marriage

Dick and Silver married in 2012. People questioned the huge age gap between them. But the duo was strong and faced such allegations with a sense of humor. They together responded that age is only a number and it never affected the couple. They married in 2012 and have had a happy life together until now. The couple enjoys life by making their appearance together. 

Dick Van Dyke And Arlene Silver Marriage

The couple spotted several events together. They got wide media coverage when they appeared together on several occasions. Dick remarked Silver is the best wife and she played the main role to make him the happiest man in the world. 

Silver once stated that both of them take good care of each other. But she is always aware of how precious a man is in her hand. And she said Dick is the perfect man and the best partner ever. 

Who Is Arlene Silver?

Arlene Silver is a famous makeup artist and is popularly known as the wife of actor Dick Van Dyke. She changed her name to Arlene Van Dyke after they married. 

Silver worked in several popular films such as Carolina, The Men of Delta Farce, Salute the Troops, and The CareTaker 3D as a professional makeup artist. 

 Arlene Silver

Arlene Silver was born on September 21, 1971. Silver kept a very close relationship with her mother Mary Stout. Her father Silver left them when she was a child.

Further details regarding her father are not provided. She has a brother named John Silver. Reports say her parents legally separated for some personal issues when she was a child. Later her mother married Michel Stout. She was also very close with her step-parent. Silver always loved to be with her brother. He made several appearances on her social media. 

According to some reliable sources, Silver completed her primary school studies at a local school. Later she enrolled at California State University and graduated in Communication and Television Film. 

After she wed the iconic actor Dick Van Dyke, Silver kept a good relationship with his mother Hazel Victoria, and his father Loren Wayne Van Dick. 

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Arlene Silver Past Relationships 

Details regarding her past relationship are not provided anywhere. She always kept her personal matters away from the public. As a professional makeup artist, Silver focused more on her career. 

As per the resources, Silver wed iconic actor Dick Van Dyke in 2012 with the presence of both of their family. The couple shared several videos through social media after their marriage. The two of them happily sang songs and danced together in the videos. 

Silver and Dick don’t have children. Dick previously married Margie Willett and had four children: Carrie Beth Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Christian Van Dyke, and Stacy Van Dyke. 

Arlene Silver Career

As per the reports, Silver worked as an office manager for two years. She also worked as a producer and made several short documentaries. She began her makeup career after she passed out from the EI School of Professional Makeup. Later she moved to a freelance service and worked on many projects. 

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