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Who is Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman? All You Should Know



Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend Who Is She Erica Herman Bio

Erica Herman hails from Florida. She completed her studies at Santaclaus High School in early 2000 and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s of legal studies. Despite her being an expert in legal studies, her experience lies in the restaurant industry. She previously worked as a bartender, which promoted her to become the former manager at the Marini Lounge. It is believed that she had lots of business venture ideas in her head, and some of them eventually failed.

Her profession itself has led her to meet Tiger Woods. She was appointed as the general manager of The Woods Jupiter in 2015. While serving as the manager at the Harbourside hotel, she got romantically linked with Tiger Woods. The former couple was spotted at multiple golf events as well as in tennis tournaments. 

She had supported them through difficult times for the golf champ as well as his family. She loves the kids even as a stepmom. It is presumed that the children were also close to Herman. She also supported ‌his recovery from the horrible car crash in 2021

Erica Herman Personal Life

Erica Herman’s personal details apart from her life with Tiger Woods are not well disclosed. She reportedly kept a low profile until when she was first spotted as a couple back in September 2017. The sources suggest that Herman does not even have a social media account. 

Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend: Who Is She?

The couple was going strong all these years now. It is not clear what went wrong in the relationship.

The dispute between Tiger Woods and Erica Herman has become a drama with long court battles, allegations, and many others. The feud between the couple has now become a public sensation, as ‌netizens are curious to undermine the facts about the matter. The former couple has been in and around the courts for the past few months.

About The Lawsuit Between Tiger Woods And Erica Herman

The court filings and other details amid the break-up have been undisclosed. It is presumed that the couple has been at each other since then. In the lawsuit, Erica Herman said that she was tricked into going on a short vacation with his ex-boyfriend. She claimed that she only realized it was his plan to rule her out of the house. The lawyers for Erica Herman claim that Herman was tricked out of his residence and that he also misappropriated her personal belongings as well as $40,000.

In the lawsuit, she also claimed that she had an oral agreement back in time, in which she would be allowed to live for a total of 11 years in the mansion, and she believes she had another five years to reside there. Moreover, she has been requesting a court to void a non-disclosure agreement, which she signed when she first began dating in 2017.

Is The Court Documents Match Erica Herman Statement?

Although the court documents show that it is against a Trust in the name of Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust instead of Tiger Woods. The court documents also match her statement, it states that Trust convinced her for a short vacation until they finally told her at the airport that she was kicked out of his home due to a violation of the oral agreement and in violation of the Florida Law.

Although, Attorney Tiger Woods has fired back, claiming that it was her decision to pack up her belongings when the Golf professional dumbed her back in October. As of now the lawyers of the Trust cites to settle her issues with Tiger Woods confidentially, as mentioned in the NDA. even Tiger Woods would be expecting to do the same, and it does not gain media attention to his private life.

Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend: Who Is She? Erica Herman Bio

But Herman has different plans, as she hopes to sue the trust instead of Woods and believes that she wants to argue in the public forum. Herman has further requested to void the NDA, stating that such agreements would be voided in the light of sexual harassment or assault. But court documents as of now do not indicate any proof of sexual harassment or abuse. It is presumed that since she signed the NDA, she is seeking clarification on what she could publicly disclose about her long-term relationship with Tiger Woods.

It appears that Woods’s latest break-up is not infidelity despite the NDA. this time it is believed to be about money.

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