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Reed Paul Jobs: Net Worth, Personal Life, Education, Career, And More



Reed Paul Jobs Net Worth, Personal Life, Education, Career, And More

Reed Paul Jobs is the billionaire boy who inherited everything his father left for him. As we all know, Reed Paul Jobs is the only beloved son of the late Steve Jobs, the highly sophisticated co-founder of Apple.

When Steve Jobs took an untimely earthly departure due to pancreatic cancer, his family was left with a massive loss, and the young boy Reed Paul Jobs and his siblings were vested with responsibilities to handle.

People across the globe are curious to know about Reed Paul’s life and his net worth in detail. Let us have a comprehensive look at Reed Paul Jobs’s early life. 

Reed Paul Jobs’s Net Worth

 $10.2 Billion

Reed Paul Jobs is a highly sophisticated billionaire man who has a net worth estimated at $10.2 billion.

Reed Paul Jobs's Net Worth

As his father, the deadly promising co-founder of Apple died due to pancreatic cancer, he was the only one to take care of all the business empires that his father had.

It was his mother who took charge of the company and as an investor and businesswoman, her net worth was estimated at around $18.8 billion.

A massive portion of his net worth is from the business ventures started by his father and it is Reed Paul Jobs and his mother who is running all of them now.

Reed Paul Jobs’s Family And Early Life

Redd Paul Jobs was immensely lucky to be born into one of the richest and most powerful families in the country.

His father Steve Jobs was the phenomenal business magnate who co-founded Apple. Steve Jobs was an incredible business magnate, entrepreneur, and investor who has immeasurable wealth during his heyday.

But when the unfathomable opponent cancer came into his life, the world lost a great eminent personality.

Even after years of his death, Steve Jobs really has an irreplaceable space in the technology business as he was the one who played a remarkable role single handily to build it. 

His father and mother had a long relationship that lasted over two decades after they first met. Even though both of them had their share of past relationships, when the two met for the first time, everything just made sense.

Steve Jobs fell in love with the beautiful Laurence Powell the minute he saw her and the duo tied the knot back in 1999.

Until his last breath, Laurence was the one who stood by his side and Reed Paul and his siblings were immensely lucky to have such great parents. 

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Whereas his mother Laurence Powell is also an independent woman with a business background and along with his three sisters Reed Paul grew up in the largest 5,768 square foot mansion, built in the early 1960s,  on the beautiful Palo Alto corner of Waverly Street. 

Being the only son in the family Reed Paul Jobs had to play several roles while growing up and his sisters named Eve, Erin Siena, and Lisa Brennan were the pillars of strength.

Reed Paul Jobs’s Family And Early Life

As his father was busy building Apple and the empire, he was estranged from their family and it affected especially the kids. 

When we have a glance at his siblings, the other billionaire girl, Erin Siena was born on August 19, 1995, making her the middle child, and Eve was born on May 2, 1998, and the youngest of the family. 

Reed Paul Jobs’s Age: How Old Is He?

The billionaire man and the only son of Steve Jobs were born on September 22, 1991. Reed Paul Jobs is in his early thirties and is living a humble and peaceful life with his family. 

Reed Paul Jobs’s Ethnicity

Having a mixed ethnic background Reed Paul Jobs was the eldest son born into a big business family. The ancestors from his father’s side come from more than one background including, Syrian, Swiss, and German heritage.

Whereas on his mother’s side, they have an impeccable English heritage, which makes him a hybrid person with different ethnic backgrounds. 

Education Of Reed Paul Jobs

It was in 2014, that Reed Paul Jobs got graduated from Stanford University 2014 and acquired a master’s degree from the same university the following year. Reed Paul Jobs later enrolled himself in the Emerson Collective’s charitable endeavors. 

Before getting his master’s degree from Stanford University, Reed Paul attended Crystal Springs Uplands School. Just like his father, Reed also showcased his shrewdness in business. 

The Career Of Reed Paul Jobs

Before cancer came into his family uninvited, Reed Paul had a strong interest in cancer research during middle school.

During his school days, Reed Paul was so determined that when he grow up he would definitely contribute to cancer research projects.

Since 2015, after completing the master’s program Reed Paul has been serving the position of Emerson Collectives’ health director. 

The company was founded by his own mother Laurence Powell and his determination to contribute to the oncology branch really made the family proud. 

Personal Life Of Reed Paul Jobs

When we come to his personal life, Reed Paul Jobs is not currently dating anyone. Even if he does, crumbs of information would not be available on the internet as he is leading a very private life beyond the media’s reach.

Reed Paul is not active on social media and does not share any of his daily life routines on public platforms. He rather leads a simple life, even if Reed has a girlfriend, details about her are under wraps. 

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