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Will There Be A The Glory Season 3? Is Netflix Renewing The Glory?



Will There Be A The Glory season 3 Is Netflix renewing The Glory

The much anticipated season of Netflix’s South Korean streaming television series, The Glory, is now available on the streaming platform.

The series starring Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, and Lim Ji-Yeon in the leading roles, released the second season on March 10, 2023, within a few months after season one came to an end.  

Will There Be A ‘The Glory’ season 3?

After Netflix’s survival drama television series Squid Game, The Glory took the position of the much anticipated K-drama series that debuted in 2022. Kim Eun-sook and Ahn Gil-ho are the heart and brain behind the innovation of this revenge drama series.

Will There Be A 'The Glory' season 3

Kim Eun-sook is known for her list of most celebrated k-dramas to date, including Lovers in Paris, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, The King: Eternal Monarch, etc.

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The Glory was one of the most accepted K-drama series and received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with its debut in 2022. And with great reviews, Netflix dropped the second season within three months. 

The second season, now streaming on the streaming platform, is running successfully, and fans of the show are anticipating an upcoming third season. The production team hasn’t announced any plans for a renewal for a third season until today. But since the series has taken over the hearts of hundreds of fans internationally, there are chances for renewal in the near future. 

At the time, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show for another season, and because of this, it’s really demanding to assume that the show will continue. Since the first and second season of the series was filmed together, Netflix could release them with a minimum interval. But it is impossible for a third season since it’s not yet decided or confirmed. And if there is any chance, fans can only anticipate it after a year. 

As the series has grown to immense popularity within a short period, the chances for discussions on the release of another season are high. And at the same time, if the story has ended with the second season, then the probability of another season is very low.

And if such a case exists, then there are chances for a spin-off series. The season could reveal the childhood of Dong-Eun and the miseries she had gone through growing up. 

The Glory: Plot, Is The Glory Worth Watching?

Song Hye-Kyo, the protagonist of The Glory, expressed that she started enjoying her role in the series. She opened up that she was so happy by the end of the day after she shot any difficult scene. Also, she stated that she only wanted to return to work the next day and wait until she became Moon Dong-run again. 

The Glory

The story of ‘The Glory’ revolves around a young woman named Moon Dong-Eun, a homeroom teacher of Class 1-2 of Semyeong Elementary School. During her teenage years, she gets constantly bullied by Yeon-jin and her group, both physically and mentally. As she couldn’t tolerate it anymore, she quit school with the plan of revenge on the girl and her group after growing up. 

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With her return, she takes revenge with the help of some people whom she recruited and even avenges on their behalf. Kim Eun-sook, the brain behind the series, states that the series conveys universal values.

She added that people, regardless of their differences, can relate easily to the process of revenge and the emotions expressed in the series. Kim also stated that the characters portrayed in the story would make one think about the existence of a higher being. The only thing that matters the most will be who is punished and when did it happen. She concluded that she believes that good wins over evil and that what comes around goes around. For her, the series must stay remembered by all as a grim sword dance.

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