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Who Is Mick Mars’ Wife? All About Seraina Schonenberger



Who Is Mick Mars' Wife All About Seraina Schonenberger

Seraina Schoenberger became a media sensation after she tied the knot with heavy metal, American guitarist, Robert Alan Deal, who is famous under the name Mick Mars.

They were an interesting couple because they were from very different backgrounds and had very different ideas about marriage and family.

Scjonenberger’s marriage to Mick Mars gained massive popularity, while some criticized the couple for the age gap.

Since the internet has been buzzing with multiple queries about Mick Mars’ wife Seraina Schonenberger. She is also known for her tendency to shy away from media attention.

However, the lack of reliable information about her has been tempting for fans of the American musician.

With few official photos or videos of her available, many fans have been left wondering what she is filled with

To meet highly expected queries, we have carefully researched about Mick Mars’ wife Seraina Schorenberger’s background and experience.

We guarantee that you will only find the most up-to-date, genuine information about her in this article.

Who Is Mick Mars’ Wife Seraina Schonenberger?

Before she fell in love with Mick Mars, she had a successful career as a model. The Zurich-born model was passionate about fashion and modeling from a young age, and she quickly began to build a name for herself in the industry.

Mick Mars' Wife Seraina Schonenberger

After completing school, she was ready to start her adult life; she began modeling and appeared as a modeling figure for some of the most popular and sought-after brands and magazines.

Seraina was born on 4 October 1984. Serena Fai Schonenberger is a Libra, which means she has been blessed with a gorgeous appearance her entire life.

Librans are known for their gorgeous looks, just as she has always been. However, the early life of Seraina was very private and sheltered.

She has not disclosed any information regarding her parents or the school she attended, and she has kept herself away from the media and the public eye.

When Did She Meet Mars?

They both met because of her fond interest in the rock band Motley Crue. She met Mick Mars, the guitarist for the band, while he was performing at a concert in 2007.

A connection sparked between the duo when they first met and they kept in touch, which eventually formed a romantic relationship.

All About Seraina Schonenberger

Although, the former model was hardly seen together. At the time, many speculated that it was due to the age gap of ‌33 years between the couple. She even moved to Nashville after leaving her career behind.

It seemed as though they never cared about the age difference and the speculations, and they continued dating for six years until they got married in 2013.

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According to reports from the time, paparazzi were desperately craving their pictures in public. But they were hardly seen in front of the camera flashes.

However, she occasionally posts pictures of them on social media. Additionally, she made appearances with the band during the performances as well as traveled with them during the tour.

She was a constant source of inspiration and positivity for the group, and her presence was always felt both on and off stage.

Does She Have Any Children?

No, she hasn’t borne any children with Mick Mars. But she delightedly welcomed the kids of Mick from his previous relationship.

She has been a stepmother to her husband’s children ever since they got married. Mick initially married Sharon Deal in 1970 and welcomed two children, Stormy and Les Paul Deal. The couple became estranged shortly after two or three years of marriage and got divorced.

She then began dating Marcia in 1976, but the relationship blew off after a few dates. He then married Emi Canyn, a singer and a vocalist, in 1990.

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Their marriage also lasted for a couple of years until it was called off. It is presumed that they gave birth to a single child named, Erik Deal

Although, Erick has been happily married to Serania for almost a decade. They both live in Nashville.

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