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Is John Mayer Gay? What Is The Truth?



Is John Mayer Gay What Is The Truth

Celebrities’ life is always a topic of discussion. People are eagerly waiting to know about their personal life. Recently a new trend has formed in this field.

Celebrities are analyzed in the name of their sexual identity. Those who are not revealed their sex or did not speak a word about their sexual orientation are always prey to gossip. 

Here we discuss is John Mayer is gay or bisexual. American guitarist, singer, and songwriter John Mayer also faces this sexual identification problem due to some reasons.

John Mayer dreamed about being a successful musician in his life. So he chose the music industry, and he studied and graduated in music. He formed a band named Lo-Fi Masters with his friend Clay Cook in 1997. 

Waiting For Sexuality Hints

John Mayer started his life journey as a singer in 2001. He joined Columbia and Aware Records and they released his first studio Album.

Following this, more albums are released and he became an international singer. 

After becoming famous his personal life was also searched by many people through the Internet. His followers await to know more about his life. Haters hopefully waiting for a hint that discussing his sexuality. 

Reason Behind The Rumours

John Mayer is a straight person and does not have any solid evidence for he is bisexual. Rumors spread based on his friendship with Andy Cohen.

John Mayer and Andy Cohen

People believe Mayer has an affair with Andy cohen by analyzing the photo shared by Mayer. He wishes Andy Cohen on his birthday with the picture, both of them pausing to a photograph there they were close and smiling. 

Mayer has responded to the rumors spreading against this post that he is gay. He spoke about the different comments and he cleared things up.

Mayer revealed he kept a pure friendship with Andy and they were not dating. The relationship between John Mayer and Andy Cohen is nothing more than a friendship and they have not crossed the limit. 

Andy responded to these rumors like both of them keeping a sweet friendship and they are together all time.

They also have a great love for each other and it is obviously an assumption. He also clarified the comment that they are not an item. 

Andy said in an interview that John is his best friend and he has all the characteristics to be a good friend. Andy ensures there is no possibility to get a friend like John. He replied to the tricky question asked by the interviewer like he is searching for a partner like John Mayer.

Then prove it has just kidding and revealed he is looking for a good partner with the qualities such as smart, strong, and independence. 

Both of them spoke against the rumor that they are having a good friendship together and they are not married. But until they get married people to believe that they are secretly having a relationship and they are gay.

To prove John Mayer is a straight person there must be a crosscheck of his relationships. John stays still single and the possibility of gossip is growing until he gets married or has an affair.  

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His Relationships 

John Mayer is highly focused on his career and passion. It was his big dream to be a successful musician and he worked hard for that.

He is always secretive about his personal life. He did not reveal his relationship with the media or the public. Some news spread around about his early relationship that lasted for a year only.

He had a relationship with Taylor Swift from 2009 to 2010. They broke up and she wrote about John in her song. But the reason behind their break up is not clear yet. 

John said he felt humiliated after hearing the song. It made him terrible because he didn’t deserve it.  

John Mayer and Taylor Swift

After the breakup with Taylor Swift, he kept relationships with many women but those not worked well. He got involved with many other high-profile women including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katy Petty, Vanessa Carlton, and Kim Kardashian. 

Final Verdict

Let’s take a final look at the facts discussed above. As per the information, there is no solid evidence that proves John is gay.

People still believe that because he is still single. And the friendship with Andy Cohen is misunderstood by his followers. He responded against these rumors but he gave hope to his followers by staying single.

His early relationships with high-profile women were popular and always a piece of news but people sealing him as bisexual and gay. However, it will be continued until he finds his partner. 

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