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Who Is Jocelyn Wildenstein? Net Worth, Age, Huband, Career, Family, And More



Who Is Jocelyn Wildenstein Net Worth, Age, Huband, Career, Family, And More

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a well-known socialite born and raised in Switzerland. She is also known as the Catwoman for her unique facial features. The 82-year-old is an active member of high-profile societies.

She is a billionaire. She gained popularity after she filed for divorce for her husband in 1992 and claimed an alimony of 2.5 billion dollars.

This has been one of the most expensive divorces in Switzerland to date. An HBO documentary will showcase the important events of her life. Let’s know more about her in the following way:

Jocelyn Wildenstein Net worth

According to the sources, her net worth is projected at USD 500 million. However, Jocelyn Wildenstein took to Instagram to reveal the shocking decline in her net worth over these years. Her net worth is valued at 10 million dollars.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

One of the most important reasons for the decline in her net worth is the discontinuation of her alimony payment. She asserts that her settlement has been breached as 100 million dollars remain unpaid from the total amount. 

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Jocelyn Wildenstein Age

Jocelyn Wildenstein was born on September 7, 1945. Her age is 82 years old for the time being.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Husband

She married the love of her life Alec Wildenstein, but their marriage was short-lived. Their relationship became the talk of the town when the duo filed for divorce in 1990.

Her divorce was highly publicized after she claimed a settlement of 2.5 billion dollars. In addition to this one-time settlement, she even demanded annual maintenance of 100 million dollars. 

After his death, Alec’s family continued to pay her this annual maintenance for around 25 years. However, Jocelyn Wildenstein has confirmed that she has not received anything since 2015. It was in 2018 that she revealed the reason for her divorce.

Alec was an infidel and was having an extramarital affair. Her relationship with Alec became unbearable, which was why she ended her 20-year marriage with him.


Jocelyn Wildenstein was never bothered about her career. She has spent most of her life attending public parties and events. Jocelyn Wildenstein has not done anything constructive in her life at all.

She has been surrounded by the media and paparazzi all the time. However, she became a social figure who enjoyed a massive fan following over the years.


She has never revealed anything about her family. Despite her glamorous persona, she somehow managed to keep her family life secretive. Not much information is available concerning her family members. 

Unknown Phase Of Her Life

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s family is already very publicized. Most of her fans already know every detail about her. But there was a phase in her life wherein she decided to remain offscreen for a considerable time.

This was when she underwent plastic surgery. Since nobody knew about her phase, she produced her documentary at HBO. Jocelyn’s long-time ally, Lloyd Klein, has decided to co-produce the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence will play the role of young Jocelyn. This documentary will try to feature every moment of her life, including her highs and lows. This documentary will help portray her image in front of her fans and followers uniquely.

Jocelyn is a well-known celebrity. Her life has been pretty spiced up with controversies. She has a knack for keeping her audience interested.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a highly recognized socialite of elite societies. She is known for her unique personality and charming persona.

It will be interesting to witness how her controversy concerning the payment of the maintenance is sorted out in the times to come. She has taken up the assistance of her attorneys for the time being.

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