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Avatar: The Way Of Water Is The Sixth Movie In History To Cross $2 Billion Worldwide



Avatar The Way Of Water Is The Sixth Movie In History To Cross $2 Billion Worldwide

James Cameron’s Avatar – The way of water has been a visual pleasure for the viewers, as everything in the film seems to be so authentic that even the even viewers questions in a positive way about the key technology of the movie, which is the motion capture technology.

The highlight of the sequel is the plot and more importantly its virtual effects that bring the elements of the movie to life.

The movie was globally released on December 16, 2022. It has been six months since the film took off its flight from Academy Award winner – James Cameron’s sleeves.

During these astonishing six weeks. The film was released in multiple theatres across the globe and it has achieved a new milestone which has been one of the prime objectives of the director, James Cameroon. 

The blockbuster sequel has now reached its $2 billion mark in global ticket sales this weekend. Therefore, the natives of the pandora once again join the $2 billion club.

The Others Members Of 2 Billion Club

Currently, the movie just reached its $2 billion milestone and remains in the sixth position after “Avatar”,” Avengers: Endgame”, “Titanic”, “Star wars: The Force Awakens” and “Avengers: Infinity war”.

Succeedingly, the three movies in the $2 billion exclusive club are directed by James Cameron. These blockbusters include “Avatar”, “Titanic” and the sequel of Avatar–“Avatar: The way of water”.

highest-grossing films

This $2 billion milestone was the initial objective set by its director. Prior to the release, the director James Cameron claimed that the sequel of “Avatar” should become one of the top three-grossing movies of all time to succeed in the industry, to achieve market expectations as well as the team was foreseeing chances of the development of Avatar 3. They have crafted the movie under a budget of $400 million.

Currently “Avatar: The Way of Water” remains in the sixth position in the top-grossing movies. The report estimates as the movie is still running in theatres in different regions of the world.

Therefore, in the coming days “Avatar: The way of water” could overtake “Star wars: The Force Awakens” ($2.07 billion) and “ Avengers: Infinity war” ($2.04 billion) which are in fourth and fifth positions respectively. 

Hitherto, “Avatar: the way of water” has generated $598 million at the domestic level and $1.4 billion across the globe.

Statistically speaking, the standout market overseas is china ($229 million) followed by France($129 million), Germany ($117 million), Korea ($96 million), and the united kingdom ($81 million). 

These are some of the countries that standouts from others. It is remarkable to achieve such a huge milestone in the post-pandemic.

Since the Covid outbreak, no movie has been able to break the deadlock. As most of the filmgoers favored binge-watching. However, the release of “Avatar: 

The “ Avatar: the way of water” proves that moviegoers are still excited to visit theatres, despite the covid has brought new norms.

Avatar The Way Of Water and James Camaron

Statistical reports indicate that the audience requires a good movie that makes their time worth it. Therefore, this sequel became the first movie to cross the $2 billion mark after the pandemic.

The first part of the Avatar franchise, “Avatar” remains at the top of the grossing list as the biggest movie of all time with $2.9 billion, even after 13 years of its initial release.

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In 2019, “Avengers: Endgame” closely lose the trail at $2.79 billion followed by the “Titanic” with a $2.19 billion net gross. “Titanic” remained the top-grossing film from its release in 1997, until more than a decade.

James Cameron now has officially three movies that have crossed the $2 billion milestone. In addition, Zoe Saldana, who plays the lead role of Neythri in the “Avatar” franchise is also featured in four of the six films that crossed $2 billion.

Apart from the avatar, she also played the role of Gamora, the Adopted daughter of Thanos, in the marvel cinematic universe. She featured in both “Avengers: The infinity war” and “Avengers: Endgame”

At this pace,” Avatar: the way of water” could climb its spot into the top five-grossing movies of all time as the sequel of the 2009 release “Avatar” has been widely popular since its release back in December.

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