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Britney Spears Gone Viral With Her Uncanny Behavior In Recent Video



Britney Spears Gone Viral With Her Uncanny Behavior In Recent Video

Britney Spears has recently made her fans quite befuddled with her video in which she flaunts her fake accent which turned out to be a backlash all over the internet.

The princess of pop out of the blue shared a different animated and sort of whimsical video, leaving her fans to ruminate over her uncanny behavior.

So let us check more about this and learn how it turned out to be such a backlash for the astounding pop singer. 

What Happened To Britney Spears?

Everything happened within the blink of an eye and her fans were literally shocked to see her in such a vile way as they found it very plodding and redundant.

Britney Spears Viral Video

The utterly talented American singer spoke in a semi-Australian/British accent, and in that video, she talked about the dress she made and reached out for help to sew it.

But later in that video she soon switches the matter and talks about the dress company that sent her. 

Britney Spears exclaimed: “Ok, great news. Ok, so last week guys I made a dress. I was really proud. It had a diamond panel, a zip in the back, and a girlfriend helped me sew it”. 

Toward the end of the video Britney Spears says, “Never be a roller coaster” and she screams. This particular part of the video was the fundamental reason for her fans to feel weird and they found it pretty whimsical and started to wonder if everything is alright with her. 

It is quite hilarious as she flaunts the dress and dances in it, moving back and forth several times toward the camera.

But the pop singer was very observant and she paid attention to the headlines that were swirling over the internet after she deleted her Instagram Britney Spears added: “Okay guys, I want you to know if I disable my Instagram and do not call the police”. 

Close People Are Concerned About Her Mental Health

Several media outlets wondered about her recent weird behavior and reported that close people of Britney Spears are incredibly concerned about her well-being and her mental health.

When we dig deeper into it we could understand that the princess of pop has been taking medications to ‘stimulate’ her and often her capricious behavior has caused troubles throughout the week.

It is not a new thing when it comes to Britney Spears deactivating and activating her social media accounts.

Her fans often wonder about her predicament when she out of the blue deactivates her account. So the singer even told her fans not to call the police if she shut down her Instagram. 

Her truculent behavior when it comes to the public domain by deactivating and activating social media has caused profound tensions over her well-being in the past.

Moreover, her recent post comes shortly after Britney fired back at these claims that some of her close ones tried to stage a failed intervention over huge fear that the singer may die, and supposedly alleged mental health struggles. 

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The hitmaker of the industry revealed her huge 41.7 million followers about her new attire and her Australian accent was fairly unbearable. 

As we could evidently see, Britney Spears shot the video inside her bedroom and seems that her bedroom is kind of in a bizarre situation where various items are out of place and pillows are thrown onto the bed. So it is pretty natural to think her fans and close ones that something is not right about her. 

Within seconds her video went viral and became quite the topic of discussion over the internet. Her fans flocked to the comment section to make their opinions and they were actually pretty much concerned about her current exhilarating behavior. 

Britney Spear is the most stupendous pop singer who has a plethora of fans across the globe for her amazing number of songs. There is nothing wrong that she is being addressed as the “Princess of pop” because of her contribution to the world of music. 

As we all know throughout her lofty career, Britney Spears has been the recipient of numerous awards including, Fifteen Guinness World Records, a Grammy award, a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, and Seven Billboard Music awards. 

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