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Erin Andrew Covered Interviews In A Sparkling Outfit During Superbowl



Erin Andrew Covered Interviews In A Sparkling Outfit During Superbowl

As the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on the second Sunday of February, Fox Sports reporter, Erin Andrews interviewed the players and coaches of the game in her sparkling dark outfit.

Despite the blockbusters featuring in the game, the Professional Reporter, who covered the event three times before the last game made ‌headlines because of her unique taste in her outfits.

During pre-match interviews, she showed up on the field in a stunning white suit; fans noticed it and took ‌to Twitter.

However, things escalated when she switched to a dark suit before the game started. The suit followed a sparkling design that makes it feel glittering to the eyes of the fans. These two simple outfits rocked in her frame.

Fans were keen-eyed to notice her switch from the lighter to the darker outfit and pondered positive comments and tweets as they fell ‌in love with both of the suits. Her taste in outfits was creative enough to notice the fans during the epic Superbowl game.

Media Has Been Buzzed By Erin Andrew

However, this is not the first time the media has been buzzed by her stunning suits. Earlier last September, she ‌spiraled the internet by channeling her inner cowgirl when she appeared in a wide-brimmed hat during a game between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Erin Andrew Outfit During Superbowl

Despite the stunning hat, the fans were debating over the “Controversial” outfit post-game. Many NFL fans were widely criticized ‌for her outfits during the season. But on the other hand, she was backed by creativity-loving fans who glorified her unique outfits.

When she is not on the screen, she can be found running the field, she interviews all the players, managers, and other designated sports persons during pre-game and post-game to gather all the information regarding the game.

In an interview, Erin explained how busy her days go by. “I’m on my feet so much over the weekend for football games. We show up to the site for NFL three to four hours before and it’s not like we’re chilling in a green room.”

She revealed that she had to run to the field to chat with players, coaches, managers, and all other people related to management and the game.

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“Then it’s time for the game, right? And that’s about four to five hours long as well. So that’s a full shift on your feet and then you are running to the plane to get home,” she added.

Erin Andrew

From her revelation, it is precise to believe that Erin always stays prepared for the game and her job. Therefore, she makes sure that she is comfortable with running around the field to cover the interviews.

For those long working days, reports suggest that Erin relies on products and remedies to prevent foot pain, and blisters or its prevention. 

Some of her Superbowl protection essentials include protective Insoles to prevent her feet from swelling up or preventing blisters as well as recovery Insoles to get ahead of the situation.

Another must-have product is the Severe Cracked Heel Balm, which helps the feet to get hydrated after long hours of being trapped inside the shoe.

She also uses Blister cushions to avoid blisters occurring in the ankle, according to her blisters can literally ruin her day and mood.

During winter and rainy games, she uses a baseball hat to cover her hair and just gets along with the work. To stay warm, she wears thermal underwater. Whereas in summer apply neutral sunscreens to avoid burning from UV rays.

Several other hair ‌and skin care products effectively encourage her to work smoothly. Most of these Superbowl essential products she uses are from Dr. Scholl’s.

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