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Is Corey Mylchreest Gay?  Sexuality Revealed, All About His Relationships



Corey Mylchreest Gay

Corey Mylchreest is one of the most charming actors one can ever come across. He rose to fame after playing the role of King George in Netflix’s Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte. His outstanding performance has mesmerized the audience to a great extent, and they just can’t get enough of him.

However, it isn’t the first time Corey has delivered such a power-packed performance. He graciously captured the audience’s attention as he appeared in well-known dramas such as Hamlet by Shakespeare and Macbeth.

As a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art student, Corey has always worked beyond expectations. However, this time, it seems that his personal life has come to light and is becoming the talk of the town. People are speculating Corey is gay. Let us explore the veracity of this statement. 

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay? 

It may surprise many people that a person like Corey can be gay. Corey has remained silent about his personal life and has never shared anything with the media or his co-stars.

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay

However, it is true that he cherishes his friendship and relationships to a great extent and can go up to any extent for them. However, the speculations about his sexuality have become an issue to deliberate upon.

There is no point in jumping to a conclusion until and unless we have some concrete evidence to support our claim. Let us discover them one by one. 

Corey Is Not Gay

Corey himself settled all these speculations during an interview in Los Angeles. He revealed that he is secretly in love with a girl who is his closest friend. While he did not disclose his girlfriend’s name, his fans have been curious to know more about her.

However, he has requested the paparazzi to stay away from his personal life and not intrude simply for gossip. It is always essential to respect someone’s privacy and not go against the wishes of anyone who has made a public request. 

After getting to know about these speculations of being gay, Corey preferred to let it go. He did not blatantly respond to any of these statements immediately and handled the situation with ease.

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For him, it is normal for the audience to judge him based on the characters he has been playing on screen. However, he also remarked that it isn’t justified to judge somebody’s sexuality based on the choice of roles he plays because, as an actor, it is their duty and responsibility to fit in every role allocated to them. 

There is no doubt to the fact that he is a rising star and has miles to achieve. His critics will try to pull him down at the point in time when he is all set to touch the pinnacle of success. Therefore, the audience must verify every statement before believing it because negative publicity at this hour can cost somebody his career. 

What is the way forward? 

Corey is an outstanding actor. He has already been signed up for multiple projects at the same time. He has the potential to breathe life into his roles, and the dedication with which he works is commendable.

Therefore, people must sympathize with Corey and not trouble him with these baseless allegations. It has certainly been proved that Corey is not gay.

His past relationships with girls also testify to this statement. That is why it becomes essential to avoid believing in hearsay. It only ends up wasting one’s time. One must always respect others space and never barg into it. 

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