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Is Drake Gay? Everything Regarding The Sexuality Of The Rapper!



Drake Gay

Drake has been regarded as one of the most notable rappers of all time. Despite his successful career and popularity, the musician has been widely tangled in the question of his sexuality. Like every other celebrity, Drake’s sexuality has been questioned once in a while.

Drake confused fans even more by releasing the single “Girl Want Girls”. In the lyrics, Drake announced that he is a lesbian. This fueled the rumors even more, and many people began to think that Drake is, in fact, a lesbian. 

Is He Really Lesbian As His Song Says?

The album “Certified Lover Boy” set the ‌record for most US top-ten hits from a single album. Despite the single Girl Want Girls didn’t become much popular; it drove fans and music buzzers to listen to the song to check whether information regarding his sexuality lies in the single or not.

Multiple fans were convinced at the time that the American Rapper was revealing his true identity in the single.

Drake Lesbian

Many music listeners assume that songwriters often reveal their true interests and life-based incidents through their work. However, as a media outlet, we cannot confirm the sexuality of a celebrity or any individual until they confirm it themselves.

However, let’s take a sneak peek into the past history of Drake to see whether he is gay or not. Our team believes that exploring the past relationships and interests of the singer might reveal his sexual preferences.

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Who ‌Did Drake Date?

When Drake released the music album Certified Lover Boy, he was not kidding. The rapper was talking about himself. When we unearthed his past relationships and rumors were shocked to learn that Drake has been associated with multiple celebrities despite gay rumors.

He has been linked with highly professional celebrities such as Rihanna, Hailey Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. Keep scrolling to find out when and who all Drake dated‌


Drake and Rihanna dated for nearly 10 years. The former couple has been in an on-and-off relationship ever since they began dating in 2009. During their course of the relationship, the couple were spotted at multiple events and Drake praised ‌Rihanna during multiple interviews with renowned media outlets.

Drake and Rihanna

However, their relationship burned as the couple got ‌closer to each other. As of now, the couple has not revealed any details about their separation, but they both spoke highly of each other even after the breakup. It is believed that the couple got separated in ‌early 2018.

Kylie Jenner

Rumors of Kylie and Drake merged after the duo was spotted hanging together frequently. Reports say that despite being close family friends, the couple was rumored to have been romantically linked to each other.

However, there was no evidence to confirm that the couple were dating. 

Sophie Brussaux

Drake and Sophie dated only for a short period of time. But the two celebrities have been linked to their son, Adonis. In 2018, Drake confirmed that he was a father in his song. The verse The Kid is Mine confirmed that Brussaux’s claims were true.

Drake and Sophie Brussaux

It is presumed that the couple began dating in early 2017 and eventually got pregnant. However, after a series of exchanging words, the couple got separated on good terms to look after the kid. As of now, they have been successfully co-parenting Adonis.

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Final Take

There are several other women Drake could have dated. But most of these are rumors; it does not give a clear conclusion on whom he actually dated. But from this, we realize that Drake has been only in heterosexual relationships.

So one could believe that Drake is not homosexual; at the same time, when people are experiencing gender evolution; it is not clear to rule out whether Drake is gay or not.

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