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Is Gio Benitez Relationship With Tommy? All About Their Successful Gay Relationship 



Is Gio Benitez Relationship With Tommy

The relationship between Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario is not hidden from anyone. They are known for sharing fantastic chemistry. Their relationship has ended up becoming the talk of the town. They dared to face the wrath of society and marry each other against all the odds.

Now that they have been married to each other for a considerable time, many of their fans are willing to know the secret to their successful marriage. Let us know more about their relationship and how well it is going for them. 

How Did It Start? 

Gio and Tommy married each other in a private ceremony in Miami on April 16, 2016. They met each other on Instagram in 2015, and there has been no looking back for them ever since.

Benitez Tommy

Initially, when they became friends, it was the time when Gio admitted before the world at large that he is gay and he has hesitation in being addressed as a member of the LGBTQ community. Tommy, too, came out as gay, and they bonded well with each other.

Their relationship has grown onwards and upwards. Soon, they fell for each other and decided to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony. Even today, they share the same bond and love each other with the same intensity. 

In a recent interview, Tommy accepted that marriages are not without challenges, and it is upon the couple how they will take up these hurdles. In their case, Gio and Tommy try their best to make it more exciting and lively over time.

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This is the secret to their beautiful bond that they have managed to keep intact even after seven years of marriage. However, their fans and followers are still curious to know the secret ingredient that has kept their relationship alive. Let us explore more about it. 

There is no doubt to this fact that Gio and Tommy are genuinely made for each other. On being repeatedly questioned about the secret to their happy life, one took to Instagram to reveal that their respect towards each other is the key to a successful relationship.

They never let the spark between them die. They work on their hobbies and try to spend time with each other despite their busy schedule. Their social media handles are often updated with stories from around the world.

The duo spends a considerable amount of time traveling. They have recently been to Paris, Volcan, and Montauk. They love connecting with their fans and share every significant event of their life with them. 

It was recently when Gio was promoted to co-anchor on the Good Morning America Weekend Show. Tommy congratulated Gio on this significant achievement on the show’s first day. They exchanged a warm hug on the screen. The audience loved how they came out in support of each other. Gio has himself acknowledged his love for his girl, Tommy. 

While their relationship has been proceeding smoothly, there were rumors that Gio is catching up with David, the ABC writer. However, there is no evidence to support such a claim. But if it happens to be accurate, then Gio will be accused of cheating, and such a revelation might act as a final blow to his relationship with Tommy.

Since it has yet to be confirmed for the time being, it does not make sense to jump to baseless conclusions. Therefore, there is a need to give some time for the truth to unfold itself with time. Till then, we hope that their love overcomes every barrier. 

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