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Who Is André Murillo Husband? All About Grammy Award winner Tori Kelly



André Murillo Husband

Sustaining a healthy marriage is just not feasible in today’s world. However, some couples make it happen through their dedication, hard work, and understanding of each other. So is the case with Andre Murillo and Tori Kelly.

The famous songwriter, singer, and actress, Tori Kelly is married to Andre Murillo and they both are having a great time together. While everyone knows about Tori Kelly, not much is known about her husband, Andre Murillo. He used to be a famous basketball player but now that he is a businessman, let’s explore some more aspects of him. 

Who is André Murillo Husband Tori Kelly?

Murillo was always passionate about basketball. He had dedicated his life to this game. He played for the Pacific Tigers for four years at a stretch and emerged as a very important player in the team.

He was responsible for the team’s victory in multiple matches. He even ended up becoming the co-captain for a substantial period. Once he graduated from his college, he played in many countries, and at the same time, he collaborated with teams such as Hamburg Towers and El Toro High School.

He continued playing basketball for a long time until he injured himself. He couldn’t play basketball thereafter. 

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What Does Murillo do now? 

Murillo has now turned into a businessman. He is an inspiration to the world at large that one can never be prevented by adversities to move ahead. He strived against the odds to reach the pinnacle of success. His marriage to a superstar, Tori Kelly, added to his fame.

Today, he is rich and successful and all of this could be credited to his determination to outperform himself. He continues to be a humble and grounded man who wishes to work on his every limitation and shortcoming. His transformation from a player to a businessman is huge and he was appreciated worldwide. 

Murillo’s and Kelly’s Love Story

Tori Kelly is a famous star who came to light after featuring in American Idol. She has been nominated for a Grammy as well. She met Murillo in 2016. They started hanging out with each other very often. After a year, the couple got engaged and finally tied the knot in 2018 in a private ceremony.

Since then they have been living happily with each other. Murillo had proved to be an extremely loving and caring husband. In a recent interview, Tory expressed that she feels blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Murillo never fails to support his wife and help her out in the best way possible. Their relationship has not lost the spark and they continue to capture the media attention over the years. 

Murillo performs along with his wife on multiple occasions. In 2019, Tory released her song, ‘2 Places’ which featured Murillo as well. He has taken up the job as Kelly’s creative director and is good at it. He even helps Kelly to compose songs and decide on the music for her labels.

They both have personally and professionally grown ever since the time they have come together. They inspire many people out there who are struggling to hit the right chord between personal and professional lives. 

Murillo is a great man. He enjoys a massive social media presence. He is active on Instagram and Twitter and often shares his moments with his followers. He is a fitness freak and loves to play with his dogs on weekends. He often participates in philanthropic activities. Murillo and Kelly sponsor various charitable events for the underprivileged children of society. 

It would be right to say that they are a power couple in a true sense. 

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