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Greta Thunberg Net Worth Revealed! How She Spent It, And Its Source



Greta Thunberg Revealed Her One Million Net Worth, How She Spent It, And Its Source

The 20-year-old Swedish climate and environment activist Greta Thunberg circumscribed while a protest against the expansion of the coal mine in a German village. And she has released after complete verification of her identity.

Police detained her from the edge of an open coal mine. She was protesting from there with her 6000 companions. One of them jumped into the mine while they rushed toward the edge of the coal mine.

She has been closely involved in activities for saving the environment and fighting against the climatic changes that occur as a result of several interferences of humans. Greta is popularly known as one of the leading climate activists in the world.

Greta noticed when was involved in a strike in 2018 by sitting outside of the Swedish parliament when she was a school-going child. 

About Greta Thunberg

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg started her protests at an early age. She is best known for her stunning speech at the Global Climate Summit in 2019. 

She vocals at United Nations Climate Change Conference and Climate Action Summit and several school climate protests. And she also became famous by raising her voice against western leaders for their effortless attitude toward climate change. 

Greta shared several photographs of her from strikes on her social media. She gains immense attention through it as a little girl. She is interested to travel around the world and attend activist climate change events. 

Greta Thunberg's Net Worth, And Its Source

Greta received many awards including an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Scottish Geographical society. She became an inspiration for other children all over the world.

And Greta is entirely different from other influencers in the way she lives. She living a simple life and finding happiness by doing charity work.

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Greta Thunberg’s Net Worth

Recently Greta revealed her activism didn’t highly contribute to her wealth. According to some reliable sources, Greta’s net worth is estimated at around $100,000.

As a student, her only source of income is student grants that she receives as a student to go to University. It makes her one of the wealthiest younger climate activists in the world. 

Greta revealed $1 million is added to her net worth from the prize money. She spent it by donating to charity work.

Unlike any other artists and influencers, she can’t earn more money through being famous. She likes to spend her money on philanthropic work than earning it. 

According to Greta Thunberg, she spent her all money as a  donation to charity. Her humanity was recognized and she had awarded $1.15 million with the Gulbenkian Prize in 2020.

Greta wrote on Twitter as gratitude towards the award that “We are in a climate emergency and her foundation will as quickly as possible donate all the prize money of 1 million Euros to support”

And she said in an interview that the proceeds she will make go to charity. It would be nice to have money but by donation. And she came up with an example for that like, if she donates it to rewilding or nature conservation, she can start a debate on that. If she donates to refugees, you can talk about why-and then you can explain. 

Unlike any other influencers, she didn’t make more money through activities. She is also an environmental writer and published her own book in the name of The Climate Book. and Greta claimed she didn’t earn a single piece of money by publishing her book.

And she mentioned the possibility that if she translates the book from English to Swedish, then she can get some kind of reimbursement for the time she spends doing that because she is not doing it for promotion. It is like a kind of specific job. 

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