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Who Is Taylor Swift ‘Back To December’ About? Story Behind Revealed!



Who is Taylor Swift’s ‘Back to December’ about

Explore the heartfelt lyrics of Taylor Swift’s ‘Back to December’ as we unravel the story behind this poignant song about lost love and personal growth.

Taylor Swift Reveals The Hidden Inspiration Behind ‘Back To December'”

Each song Taylor Swift wrote is recognized for how it depicts her life’s journey. Every facet of life has a melody that accompanies it, whether it’s the harmonies that celebrate the bonds she has forged, the symphonies that narrate her journey through fame, or the sonnets that capture her musings on love and passion. Yet, her true claim to fame lies in her ability to compose ballads about her past paramours.

 Taylor Swift ‘Back To December’

In previous conversations, the songstress emphatically declared her intent to compose lyrical odes about her romantic entanglements, regardless of their triumphs or transgressions.

Regrettably, this artistic choice has ignited a fiery storm of criticism towards Swift’s former flames on the vast canvas of social media. Swift has advised followers to exercise kindness once Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is available. One song on the CD stands out in that it sounds more electronic than the others.

About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a well-known singer-songwriter with a huge ability who has carved out a legendary place for herself in the music business because of her fascinating storytelling and accessible songs.

Swift commenced her career in her tender years, transcribing and delivering melodies that resonated with countless individuals across the globe. She graced this world on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to her prowess in captivating audiences with poignant tales, Swift commands an ardent tribe of followers and has amassed an array of prestigious accolades.

Swift has consistently pushed the frontiers of the arts, demonstrating her versatility and development as an artist from her country music roots to her successful shift into pop music.

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Taylor Swift’s ‘Back to December’ is about

The third song on Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album, “Back To December,” was released in 2010. Swift speaks about her post-breakup regrets, which gives the song a somewhat remorseful tone based on the lyrics. She remembers the wonderful days and how her life has altered simultaneously.

taylor swift and Taylor Lautner

Fortunately, the identity of the subject of the song was made public. It was revealed that “Back To December” is about Twilight actor Taylor Lautner during a 2016 Scream Queens Facebook live stream.

The actor told Lea Michele, a former Glee star, that this was true after she initially believed his song was on the Red album but misheard the name as “Hat to December.”

When asked about his feelings regarding the album’s re-release, Lautner responded that he “feels safe but is praying for John.” The same feeling was expressed in a TikTok video that the actor posted.

Swift and Lautner have a nice relationship. He participated in the “I Can See You” music video and appeared on the Kansas City leg of The Eras Tour, where he paid tribute to Swift as both a musician and a person. Swift said he was a “positive force” while Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) was being made.

Lautner is referred to by Swift fans as “the best ex” and “the fun uncle” out of all the ex-boyfriends mentioned in each of her songs. Even after marrying a Swiftie and participating in his ex’s music video, he is not ashamed to say that the artist composed a song about him. Since their breakup, they have grown and can now be seen as good friends.

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