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Twitter’s Search Function Now Includes BTC And ETH Price Indexes



Twitter's Search Function Now Includes BTC And ETH Price Indexes

The social media platform Twitter which was acquitted by the founder of Tesla motors, Elon musk has added a new feature to the platform which is a new crypto feature that enables crypto users to pull up the price charts of crypto giants Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by simply searching the names of the cryptocurrencies, for now.

This feature was an improvement of “$cashtags” which was announced on December 21. The users can also review the graphs and data of other major stocks and exchange-traded funds all within a tweet.

Twitter Adds New Feature To The Search Function

This new feature has room for a wide range of stocks, but only room for the two giant cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum for now. 

Twitter Adds New Feature To The Search Function

Leaving Doge coin out of these features has disappointed dogecoin users and fans, as they expected doge to be the center of payment in twitter activities. In addition, Twitter has plans to develop its own cryptocurrency that can be used for its payments on the Twitter platform. As per the reports, crypto-based payments will be integrated by the launch of Twitter 2.0.

But Twitter appears to be at crossroads after Elon Musk tweeted with a poll asking whether he should resign as CEO from Twitter, which led to a massive controversial scenario. The majority of Twitter users voted Yes to the poll. later, Elon Musk left another Twitter stating that he will resign as soon as he finds anyone foolish enough to take the job. Besides, the CEO would play key roles in Twitter engineering and server in the system.

However, Twitter ensures that more improvements would be done to the user interface and other features that will allow users to see real-time charts and data of other cryptocurrencies as well. Currently, the chart is an image, that includes a link attached to “view on Robinhood” which will direct to the Robinhood platform.

It is an online trading and commission-free investing platform. This feature implies that Twitter has collaborated with Robinhood on this integration. Although no details of the partnership have been disclosed on the matter. According to data, this feature has led users to direct to Robinhood more frequently, as users have been searching bitcoin alone roughly 120,000 times per day.

This has led to more traffic to the Robinhood website ever since. Musk tweeted that this is one of many improvements that come to financial Twitter, which may indicate that in future improvements there may be more cryptocurrencies and stocks as well as buy and sell options for users.

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The installments of more cryptocurrencies will help the trading platform and eventually increase the traffic on the website, especially Dogecoin. The community of dogecoin has been looking for a cryptocurrency to be integrated into the platform.

The price of the meme-coin skyrocketed by around 170% when the CEO of tesla motors purchased the social media giant for $44 billion. Ever since the price of dogecoin has increased, it is all due to Elon Musks’ love for dogecoin. But however, the price of the crypto has slipped ever since the introduction of launching a new Twitter coin for payment in Twitter and Musk’s announcement of resigning from the post of CEO.

But all the pressure on Elon musk has made to make some criticized decisions on Twitter over the few days. But in another tweet the manager of Twitter approved a request for a tweet made by one of the Dogecoin investors, musk ensures that he would love to be in a live conversation with the co-host with the other doge community investors.

It is believed that the Doge community has a lot of questions to be asked, as per the announcements made regarding Dogecoin being used as payment for subscription plans and others. 

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