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How Can Avalanche (AVAX) Be Added To Metamask? Here Are The Easy Steps



How Can Avalanche (AVAX) Be Added To Metamask Here Are The Easy Steps

Avalanche is the network of several blockchains designed in a similar way to Ethereum that allows developers to run blockchain applications with smart contracts. There are different networks given below.

  • X-Chain:- This is the exchange chain that is majorly used for making traditional transactions.
  • C-Chain:- This is also known as the C-Chian, which allows developers to deploy contracts and interact with them.
  • P- Chain:- Majorly for the stakers and validators to perform staking, delegation, validation of transactions, and much more.

Along with this, there is a primary network that validates the data of all these primary chains. The master chain is C-Chain which is EVM Compatible blockchain. If you want to connect with this chain then you can simply do with the Metamask. In this blog, we will discuss how to Add AVAX to your Metamask Account.

What Is Avalanche?

The Avalanche is a unique blockchain network that has a unique consensus protocol. The consensus Protocol is designed in such a way that validators query the data of other validators to decide if the transaction should be accepted or added to the blockchain till the time consensus is reached. This consensus algorithm is implemented on all the primary networks of an avalanche. 

All About Avalanche(AVAX)

The team at Avalanche focuses more on interoperability to make it easy for developers to build any application and conduct cross-chain activities without any difficulty. Ethereum Developers who have experience with solidity programming languages can code smart contracts. There are a lot of apps from different domains like Defi, Centralised Exchanges and NFTs deployed on Avalanche. 

As a user or a developer, to perform any activity on the Avalanche blockchain, you need to add an AVAX, the driving token of Avalanche, to your MetaMask Wallet. In the upcoming section, we will discuss adding avalanche or AVAX tokens to your Metamask wallet. 

What Is Metamask?

Metamask is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows developers or users to store cryptocurrencies. Users can store any type of coins and connect to different financial services and exchanges. 

All About Metamask

MetaMasks allows you to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies. It is considered to be one of the best wallets to save all your crypto transaction keys. You can use Metamask to connect with different kinds of decentralized financial services. There are a lot of decentralized applications that you can add to the Metamask Wallet. Moreover, Metamask is not just a wallet but also a Decentralised exchange that you can use to swap tokens for example Ethereum tokens or AVAX tokens.

How To Download And Install Metamasks Wallet?

If you want to add AVAX or any other tokens to your wallet you need to install MetaMasks and make it run. Downloading and Installing Metamask is quite straightforward. All you need to do is follow certain standard steps. 

Step 1: Download and Install MetaMask Browser Extension or Web App

MetaMasks is available on both mobile and desktop devices, also on web browsers. You can download any version of MetaMasks from the official website.

If you want to use Metamasks wallet on your phone, then you can download Android or iOS applications based on your device, whereas if you want to use it on Computer, then you can download the chrome browser extension. There are certain steps that you can follow to enable the extension on your browser.

Step 2: Setup a New Metamask Wallet

If you want to use the Metamask wallet, then you need to create a wallet. The wallet will contain the private keys for all the accounts that you have. Further, you can use these accounts to make transactions on any decentralized web application.

While you begin to create a new wallet on Metamasks you would be guided through every step such as adding the password and choosing if you want to share any data or not.

Step 3: Secure the Metamask Wallet

For every wallet, there is a seed phrase that you need to keep secure to access your wallet from any device. A seed phrase contains 12 words in a sequence that is linked to your Metamask wallet. Losing seed means losing access to your wallet, hence you should always keep it secure. 

Step 4: Confirm the Seed Phrase

Once you have secured the seed phrase, as the last step you need to put that in a proper sequence to get access to your wallet. It is advised to keep your seed phrase secured and back up it at different places so you don’t lose it.

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How To Add Avalanche To MetaMask Wallet?

When you install a Metamask wallet for the first time, you will be connected to the Ethereum Chain. Hence you need to add the Avalanche Network manually to your Metamask wallet. To add that you need to follow certain steps given below.

Step 1: Get all the Network details of Avalanche, open the drop-down and choose the Network Menu.

 Click on the Add Network option. This will allow you to add the Network to your Metamasks wallet. Once you open it, you will be asked to fill in the following details.

All these details are also available on the Avalanche official Website. You can also get these details from any of the Blockchain nodes that support Avalanche.

After adding the network details, you would be connected to Avalanche Network. Now you can easily access the decentralized Applications on AVAX Network. 

Step 2: Choose any decentralized or centralized exchange to transfer AVAX tokens to your Metamasks wallet. 

As we mentioned above, you need to use the C-Chain AVAX tokens that would be compatible with the Wallet. While you add the AVAX tokens to your account, you need to get tokens to your C-Chain wallet and withdraw from that to the Metamask account. To do this you can use the Avalanche Wallet which has a cross-chain feature. 

Step 3: Send the AVAX tokens to your Metamasks account. 

After you have added the AVAX tokens to the Avalanche wallet, you can send them to the Metamask wallet by using the Send Button on Avalanche Wallet.


With the help of this guide, you would be able to add the AVAX tokens to your Metamask wallet. You can use the same steps to add any token like AVAX to your Metamasks wallet. The setup of the new Metamasks wallet is a one-time step, but based on your needs you can add any network or tokens to your Metamask wallets. 

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