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Is Luis Roberto Guzmán Gay? An In-depth Look At His Sexuality!



Luis Roberto Guzmán Gay

The gay rumors about Luis Roberto Guzmán have been the talk among ‌fans as he refused to open up about his sexuality. It eventually emerged due to his stance on not marrying or dating anyone publicly. Since he has not publicly announced his sexuality, it is confusing whether he is gay or not.

However, we have drafted this to determine his sexuality from his past relationships as well as his interests. Many fans believe that he is gay in real‌ life. But as we all know that it is immoral to accuse someone of being gay when he is not.

Before we explore the factors leading to his sexuality, let us brief you on some main highlights of Luiz Roberto Guzmán.

Who Is Luis Roberto Guzmán?

Born on April 9, 1973, in Puerto Rican. Guzmán was adamant about entering the boy band Menudo, but he was not able to do it. After graduating in Drama, he moved to Mexico in 1999 to pursue a career in the television industry. He also became highly acquainted with the boys of the Menudo.

Guzmán debuted his career in a small role while he was attending college. He appeared in the 1998 movie in a small role as Tommy in the movie Flores de la Noche. However, he got his break-out role after signing a contract with Grupo Televisa. He portrayed the main role of El Pantera in the Mexican series under the same name El Pantera.

Luis Roberto Guzmán Gay

As his popularity grew, he received massive attention from the Latino community. With their growing fame, his fans and movie devotees started to wonder about his stance on not having a publicized relationship. It further fueled speculation regarding the fact that he had not borne a child until this date. 

This comes down to the question of whether he is gay or not. Follow through to find out if Luiz Roberto Guzmán is gay or not.

Is Luis Roberto Guzmán Gay?

Guzmam’s sexuality was further questioned with the portrayal of outstanding gay characters, in some of the movies including the Netflix-released show Who Killed Sara? He portrays the role of Lorenzo Rossi, who is in a relationship with family-estranged Jose Maria Lazcano and seeks to raise a child together as parents. The duo shared several intimate scenes in the series. 

The portrayal of gay characters has questioned his sexuality among his fans. But it is imperative to understand that acting does not reflect real life. The portrayal of a gay character does not mean that he is gay. Although, he might or might not be comfortable doing ‌gay scenes. But after all, it is his profession to entertain the fans.

The gay rumors were further fueled when he revealed in an interview that he does not intend to have a child concerning the overpopulation. But fans and others speculate that the overpopulation was only to cover the fact he is bisexual and scared to come out of the closet.

For those, we need to remind ourselves that if that’s the case, then the actor would be torturing himself all these years. However, only the actor can tell if he plans to marry or reveal his sexuality soon. Besides, we can be sure that Guzmán does not hold any grudges toward the LGBTQ+ community. 

In one of his Instagram posts, he voiced his support towards the LGBTQ+ community by adding the hashtag “Happy Pride” and captioning under the post “Let’s live without Judgement”

We believe that the Instagram post also might have fueled the rumors. But we cannot firmly conclude whether he is gay or not until he comes out and reveals his sexuality himself.

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