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Is James Spader Gay? Truth Behind His Gay Rumors



Is James Spader Gay Truth Behind His Gay Rumors

James Todd Spader is an American actor who is prominently known for his role in the 1989 American Independent Drama Film by Steven Soderbergh, Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

The actor started his career in the industry in the late 70s and still continues to amaze his fans with every role he takes up.  

Apart from acting, he has even voiced the role of Ultron in the 2015 Marvel Comics Superhero film, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Just like any other actor in the industry, Spaden has also faced many speculations regarding his sexuality.

And this got worse after Spader’s divorce from his wife, Victoria Kheel. As the sexuality rumors are getting higher over the days on the actor, let’s delve deep into the actor’s life.

Also, you may get a look at his past and present relationships. So, let’s get started. 

Who Is James Spader?

Spader is an American actor born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 7, 1960. He was born as the youngest son of his parents, who were teachers.

James Spader Gay

He received his early education from numerous private schools and has even studied as his parent’s student.

He attended the Phillips Academy, and by the age of seventeen, he quit school dreaming of pursuing an acting career. 

Was James Spader Married?

Yes, Spader was married to Decorator Victoria Kheel in 1987, who he met while working in a yoga studio as he relocated to New York with the dream of pursuing a career in acting.

The couple shared two sons together, but by the early 2000s, the couple announced their decision to separate. In 2004, the couple parted ways after seventeen years of marriage. 

James Spader Married

After his separation from his first wife, he was romantically linked with his former Alien Hunter co-star, Leslie Stefanson.

The couple started dating in 2002 and share a son together, Nathaneal Spader, born in August 2008.

Although the couple hasn’t taken their relationship to the next level, they are leading a happy life together. 

Did James Spader Come Out As Gay?

People these days love to gossip about others’ lives without even checking whether what they share is true to its words or not. And this is true when it comes to the case of sexual rumors about celebrities.

As of the records, the Jack’s Back actor hasn’t made any statements regarding his sexuality. Also, he hasn’t revealed his interest in dating someone of the same sex.

James Spader  Relationships

Furthermore, the actor was never spotted with any men until today in a suspicious situation. All these together state that the actor is not gay and enjoys his life with his beloved girlfriend. 

Moreover, the actor and his current love interest actress Leslie keep their personal life private from the media. As a result, many details regarding the couple are unknown to the media. 

Was James Spader Involved In Multiple Relationships

As of the records, Spader has only dated two ladies in his life. Firstly, his wife, Victoria Spader, with whom he shares two sons. And the next is his current beloved, actress Leslie Stefanson.

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The duo has worked earlier in a film and ever since then they were romantically linked with each other.

Also, they share a son from their decade of relationship even though they haven’t made it official through a wedding. Let’s hope to hear the good news anytime soon. 


From the records and reports by the top forums, it is clear that the 63-year-old actor is not gay and shares a beautiful relationship with his girlfriend Leslie.

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