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Is Patrick Swayze Gay? Unraveling The Mystery Of His Sexuality



Is Patrick Swayze Gay Unraveling The Mystery Of His Sexuality

Patrick Swayze is an American actor who was credited with the ‘sexiest man alive’ tag back in the 1990s. He garnered widespread attention as he won a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a seductive dancer in the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing

He is also an established singer, dancer, songwriter, and choreographer. There will be a lot to talk about if we talk about his career. 

This article, however,  focuses on his sexuality and addresses the question ‘Is Patrick Swayze gay?’. 

Is Patrick Swayze Gay?

Patrick Swayze tied the knot with Lisa Niemi back in 1975 and remained married to her until he died in 2009. All his life, he stayed true to her. 

Lisa recently recalled the fond memories with him by posting their wedding photo on her Instagram account. She stays as living evidence that the man, her husband was, in fact, heterosexual not gay. 

Is Patrick Swayze Gay

His fans all around say that if he was gay and if he was hiding his sexuality or having a hard time coming out of the closet then their marriage would have been a total failure. 

Before his marriage, he was romantically associated with many other women. He had a lot of fan girls whom he never failed to entertain. One such girl was Bonnie Kay, the relationship with whom resulted in the birth of a boy child. 

But Swayze was never aware that he had such a son. He died without knowing this. It was on her deathbed that Kay said this son that his father was the famous Patrick Swayze. 

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Why Is Patrick Swayze Rumored To Be Gay?

Patrick Swayze was married and even had an unknown son. Although he was rumored to be gay. The rumors gained more momentum after his demise. 

The root cause for this was the claim made by a Brazilian adult movie star who said he and the actor engaged in a physical relationship. 

Patrick Swayze

The adult movie star also said that he was telling that after the actor’s death, or otherwise the actor would proceed against him, legally. 

The Brazilian artist who was quite at the top of stardom during his time has claimed of being engaged in physical acts with many other male artists, as well. 

He said that the artists will call him and will ask him to meet them in private as homosexuality was taboo then. He added that the actors were also concerned that their sexuality will be a threat to their careers in the film industry. 

Other Rumors About Patrick Swayze Sexuality

Another rumor in the air is that even though he was married to his wife for a long time they did not welcome a child. Although his wife did suffer a miscarriage 

Now you know why he is rumored to be gay. However, it will be wrong to claim the sexuality of Patrick Swayze, because he never said that he was gay. 

There are also rumors that he was bisexual. 

The breakthrough role he played in the movie Dirty Dancer was also a reason for him to be accused of a gay. People find it difficult to accept that if he was not gay he would never have been able to pull off such a character. 

The argument raised by some of his critics is that he also never said that he was not gay.

There are some online gay radars that show him as homosexual. The website claim that the results have been published after an online survey that was voted by the visitors. In short more than half of the visitors of the website thought he was gay hence they voted so and therefore the gay-o-meter indicates him to be gay. 

How Did Patrick Swayze Die?

Patrick Swayze was 57 years old when he died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He did face the rumors regarding his lifetime but he chose not to respond to it.

Hence we can not just assume his sexuality. It is true that the Brazilian actor claimed of physically intimate with the actor but there has been no evidence to prove the same. 

What we suggest is to not spread rumors about Patrick Swayze’s sexuality until and unless there is proper evidence. 

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