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Jojo Siwa Is She A Lesbian? Here Is The Actual Truth!



Jojo Siwa Is She A Lesbian Here Is The Actual Truth!

Jojo Siwa is one of the famous stars on TikTok, and she has more than 3.6 billion views on her videos on YouTube. Jojo started her career in the reality show “Dance moms.” She started this show with her mother, Jessalyn. 

She is a dancer and singer and has two channels on youtube through which she has made millions of dollars and made them a brand. At a young age, she dreamed of becoming more than a reality star, and she worked on herself and accomplished it. 

How Had She Become An LGBTQ Star? 

Caryn Sterling was her manager, and she partnered with her in her early career when she was on dance mom. Siwa further said that she knew she had a jewelry line and knew she was an influencer very well. 

She came to the manager and told him she liked his performance and asked him what he wanted, and she would make it happen. Some other brands were waiting to collaborate with her. But her Main focus was on Nickelodeon as she found this company something different from others.

Jojo Siwa An LGBTQ Star 

She was very passionate about this company. She signed the deal with Nickelodeon, and she was just 13 at that time. But it proved beneficial for both  Nickelodeon and Jojo Siwa.

It is shocking that despite this age, after signing the deal, she started work on ground level hand to hand; after all, she was just 13 at that time.

They decided to sell the t-shirt, and the t-shirt was oversized. After that, the Siwa team launched some new products. The Siwa team was always to help the Nickelodeon brand.

And Nickelodeon also has 500 employees who care for the Jojo brand worldwide. They always have more than 3 meeting worlds operating every time. One is operating in Hong Kong, the second is in Australia, and the third is elsewhere. 

As we know, she can only be available at some places simultaneously. She further said she spends most of her time with Jojo’s toys. It is one of the biggest sellers in the market. They are one of the biggest accessories, bedding, and apparel dealers. 

She started selling signature bows; one bow cost $5 to $16. And they have sold more than 80 million bows. If the bows were sold for just $5, it would touch about $400 million. You can get a rough estimate that the sale was more than $400 million at least.

After such a large business, she continued. She was aggressively active on social media platforms like TikTok and youtube. 

She continuously goes towards TV shows music industry. She was invested in YouTube. Youtube was an asset for her. She loves to make dance videos on YouTube.

The special thing about Siwa is that she not only sells international arenas. She also deals in other brands like JCPenny, Walmart, and Target. She also has a wide range of products like dolls, shoes, candy, etc. She has two Mercedes in front of her house.

After getting her GED, she spent most of her time filming, rephrasing, and doing many other studio works. She stood for 50 days in Canada and worked with her team, J, in the summer.

Her life changes completely when she meets a sparkle-hating dance instructor, Tisha Campbell-Martin. After some time, she realized she could no longer hide her sparkle or bow. Although she was eagerly waiting for her upcoming movie as she was too much interested in acting. 

Now let’s look at her past, which will give you an idea of how she became too successful. When she was about to go EW cover shoot, she eagerly waited to get an adult as soon as possible, but she was already too successful. 

She was on the Top 100 most influential people of 2020 list, as we all know that she has an audience of 12.3 million on youtube and 33.7 million followers on TikTok.

She is still out to reach girls from 5 to 11 years old. She feels proud of the LGBTQ community member. LGBTQ community is the community of initialism, designed for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people as well. 

Jojo spent her life in spotlights. According to Siwa, Jojo is a meme face, the butt of the jokes. 

How She Knew And Explained That She Was A Lesbian?  

Let’s move toward how she knew that she was a lesbian : 

Jojo Siwa has now started getting viral on social media as she revealed that she was lesbian. Jojo Siwa got on social media on the 29th of July and stopped the accusations about the allegation she had made to define “lesbian” as a dirty word.

She dressed well in a blue and white hoodie and made a dance video. Someone has commented on her video that lesbian is a dirty word, and of course, it is not fine to give such statements to anyone’s social media account as they are also humans.

Jojo Siwa And Kylie Prew

MSiwa said that the commenter did not do anything but insult our community and me. She further explained that my “sexuality” is not dirty at all.

She was normally going through her comment and accidentally found that comment. She further explained that I never said that “lesbian” is a dirty word, and I will never say it is dirty as it is not. It is not a word I or anyone should be ashamed of saying or identifying it.

She further elaborated, “Now, if you look at the comment that this is commented under if that makes sense, it says, ‘I’m sorry that people are trying to cancel you for not liking the sound of a word. And that’s exactly it.

I don’t hate the word ‘lesbian.’ I… whenever somebody talks to me about my sexuality, I just say that I’m gay.”

Furthermore, siwa also declared her girlfriend’s name as Kylie prew, who is just 18 years old. She further expresses that she does not care about what the whole internet thinks about her, but she is too happy to find somebody in her life like that.  

Siwa says she did not want to put any “label” on sexuality. Siwa further elaborated that she announced it at the very least, but she got inspiration from her girlfriend. Both of them first become friends, and it turns automatically into a romantic relationship.

She did so in very basic terms. She said, “I still don’t know who I am. It’s like, I want to find it out. And I have this joke. Her name is Kylie. So I say that I’m Ky-sexual. But I don’t know, if bisexual, pansexual, queer, lesbian, gay, or straight; I always just say “gay” or “queer” since I think the term is hip.

She continues, “I enjoy gay.” Technically speaking, I would describe myself as pansexual because that is how I have always identified. My human is my human.

It was that statement that was viral on social media for some days. Their love story begins on a cruise ship. The conversation went ahead, and it was like

According to Siwa, “I told her my entire spiel that I tell everyone when they ask me about my life story.” She says, “I could have Googled that. I want to know about you. You just told me about your career. ” I replied, “No one’s ever asked me that.”

She continues, I never intended for [my coming out] to be a big deal. However, it was the first time a person with the following base that is so young come out publicly as LGBTQ.

Since I was a young child, I’ve known, says Siwa. Jessalynn, her mother, adds, “I did too. Mothers are aware. Both of them were also aware of the danger of telling everyone. My love life could have eliminated a lot of things, adds Siwa.

After telling that story to her large audience, she expected that her fans would support her and understand her, but she was wrong.

There were more than half comments we’re leaning towards a bad direction, like “I will never buy your products,” “I am unable to sleep after watching that video,” and “My daughter will never watch your video again.” So it shows the negative mentality of society.

On Friday, Jojo raises the issue of such people at the newsstand. Siwa cleared in very simple words by saying that she doesn’t want people to buy her merchandise or watch her videos if people do not support the LGBTQ community. People must support LGBTQ and Jojo together if they want to buy merchandise or watch videos. 

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Final Words

In short, Jojo Siwa is a lesbian star with a girlfriend named Kylie prew. Siwa started her career in the spotlight, got huge success, and worked in music, filming, and studios. We should not forget that lesbians are also humans; they could have a different filing and are not different from society. They are just part of society as we are.

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