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How Ms Marvel was finished in DaVinci Resolve Studio



Video editing software has become a key component for any visual content creator. Whether it be producing the latest blockbuster hit, a potential 5-star TV series, or even a short YouTube video, these programs have become of huge importance.

Directors and editors know that they need to make every shot count and often look for the best program to use in order to accomplish their goals. That is something that the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise clearly continues to strive to achieve, given the content that they continue to put out.

Ms Marvel and DaVinci Resolve: Winning Combination

Ms Marvel is one of the latest original series to have been released by MCU, with it having hit streaming site Disney+. It features a number of incredible moments throughout the series, especially from a visual standpoint. If you take a closer look at each scene that is shot, it is noticeable that each one has been carefully created and edited to perfection.

It was recently revealed that DaVinci Resolve Studio had been the program of choice to create the visually appealing shots. Each scene is vibrant and rich in terms of its quality, it is incredible that a platform like the video editing software used helped to elevate the imagery to the standard that it is at.

How Did They Do It?

The team working on the visual aspects of Ms Marvel knew what they wanted to achieve before starting out: to provide a unique experience and look for the new show that viewers could appreciate and be wowed by.

Evan Jacobs, the Marvel Creative Finishing Supervisor, revealed that they wanted to emphasise the colors being used. Following the final product’s conclusion, they admitted they were very happy with what had been achieved.

Once the idea about focusing on colors was decided upon and green-lit, the colorist working on the film – Matt Watson – decided to work on the VFX using the DaVinci Resolve Studio platform as soon as possible. He noted that they had spent a lot of time with the VFX teams, and after coming up with their ideas, they immediately started working with the software to see if it could achieve what he had in mind. Clearly, they had.

He, Jacobs, and Sandra Balej – the Visual Effects Supervisor – were able to use DaVinci Resolve Studio to create an entirely new look for the Ms Marvel series, which helped take the show in a different direction in comparison to other MCU creations in the past.

DaVinci Resolve’s Impact Throughout

They also revealed that they used Resolve for as much of the process as possible. They noted that the use of split screens and graphic overlays created in the program gave them full flexibility with the rest of their graphics and visual effects, as this helped them to achieve the final images they wanted to create.

The post-production team also fully integrated the video editing software, too. They used the DaVinci Resolve developer application programming interface (API) to create custom tools to aid their workflow, building a number of tools that could help them to improve each part of the VFX process and help them to save time when trying to meet certain deadlines that were set.

Watson also acknowledged that the program’s various built-in features were of particular use, highlighting how many grading options are available and how it works well with other programs. The multi-user collaboration mode came in particular use, too. Multiple users were able to work on the project simultaneously.

Is Ms Marvel Worth Watching?

So, with the DaVinci Resolve software having been used, is Ms Marvel worth watching? If you are one for looking at reviews, you would be pretty pleased to learn that it is one MCU series rated highly.

Rotten Tomatoes scored it 98%, while IGN gave it a score of 8/10. IMDb was a little less forgiving, though, as it has provided the series with a score of 6.3/10. Nonetheless, this is still a high enough score to consider watching the story about a 16-year-old Pakistani-American high school student from Jersey City called Kamala Khan, who eventually turns into Ms Marvel.

If you do decide to watch it – or already have – perhaps look at how well it has been edited and see just how good DaVinci Resolve has been for the series!

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