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Lobster Removal By Whole Foods Splits Environs And Pols



Lobster Removal By Whole Foods Splits Environs And Pols

The retail giant Whole Foods have recently decided to terminate its marketing in Lobster with immediate effect. The decision to withdraw from the lobster industry has been taken in light of the damage that the fishing industry faces. At the same time, the extinguishing marine count is also a factor to be considered.

All the stores of this conglomerate will not indulge in the trade of lobsters at all. The company has decided to opt for some sustainable policies in light of increasing economic and environmental awareness. 

However, this recent decision has been criticized by the lobster dealers of Maine. Maine is the biggest supplier of Lobsters to Whole Foods. The lobster supplier has expressed its discontent with the decision of the authorities to withdraw from the lobster trade.

According to them, the workers of Maine were extracting lobsters from the marine infrastructure safely and soundly. No considerable trade to the environment could be considered for the time being, and everything was under control.

Whole Foods has been an active dealer of Lobster for all these years, and the sudden withdrawal would have an impact on the market’s stability. 

What Are The Reasons Behind Criticism? 

The dealers of Maine have expressed their dissatisfaction with going ahead with the evidence given by the environmental groups. There is no particular threat to the environment due to the consumption and extraction of Lobster.

Lobster Removal By Whole Foods Splits Environs And Pols

The environmental groups’ report is founded on unnecessary and baseless allegations based on hearsay. There is nothing concrete, and at the same time, no scientific evidence supports the same.

 The reason why the Marine Stewardship Council is being affected so much is that in addition to Whole Foods, many dealers have withdrawn and taken off Lobster from their menus.

Sustainability and the protection of the environment have been the most commonly quoted reason. All of this comes after the placement of Lobster in the red category. All of this is having a detrimental impact on the industry. 

What Are The Future Implications?

If the countries continue to follow this reasoning, then the lobster industry of Marine would be put in peril. The profitability and survival are at stake despite every possible attempt being made to channel the trade according to the mandate of the environmental protection code.

The industry is conducting all of its affairs in compliance with the available laws. The reason behind the same is to reduce the chances of challenge and litigation. 

The industry has even appealed to the environmental groups to properly conduct the investigations and determine the individual impact of every dimension so that a generalizing negative effect should not be enforced.

This can be responsible for producing counterproductive effects that may not be sustainable with respect to a particular industry in the long run.

The decision of Whole Foods has actually caused a setback to the entire industry which cannot be quantified in terms of damages. The company has not made any official statement but is in negotiation with the remedial measure to be enforced as soon as possible. 

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It must be taken into account that each and every action of the government should be taken according to the mandate of scientific evidence and nothing should be taken on the basis of allegations and conjectures.

These Industries determine the gross domestic product of the nation and any decremental impact on the functioning of the same can affect the GDP of a country. 

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