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Bob Iger, CEO Of Disney: Discusses Florida’s LGBTQ Education Ban



Bob Iger, CEO Of Disney Discusses Florida's LGBTQ Education Ban

Florida’s HB1557 is in the news again, and for all the right reasons. For the unversed, it is also called the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’. The goal has been there for some time at the moment.

Disney is one of the child cinema giants who have strongly objected to the bill. Recently, CEO Bob Iger, who has returned after a two-year self-induced retirement, addressed a town hall conference for employees.

Moreover, the meeting revolved around Disney’s handling of LGBTQ issues and also how the former CEO handled such things. For more information on such happenings and more, read on.

Bob Iger’s Return Shows Hope For Inclusion

It has already been a few weeks after the return of the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. Moreover, he is back with a lot of promises for the LGBTQ community.

Bob Iger, CEO Of Disney: Discusses Florida's LGBTQ Education Ban

He addressed the first town hall meeting in Orlando after his arrival. Several burning issues have kept everyone in confusion, including Florida’s Don’t Say, Gay Bill’. This is mainly related to the ‘Parental Rights in Education Act,’ wherein the law stops any kind of sexual or gender orientation education from preschool to third grade.

This is one of the biggest fallacies of society, at present. At a time when LGBTQ rights have been in the stories every other day, the bill seems like a block in the way of acceptance and inclusion.

According to the CEO, he is of the firm idea that Disney always supported the community and the free practice of human rights. Many school districts may ban the inclusion of topics related to gender orientation in the schools, till the third grade, if they are seen as inappropriate.

Disney Slow In Taking A Decision

Disney faced a backlash from the LGBTQ community, as it failed to support the cause. That is the reason it had become really important and urgent for Bob Iger to address the entire issue in public. Everybody knows about Disney.

Furthermore, the company has been in business for more than 100 years and enjoys worldwide popularity. The company has been entertaining kids and adults alike for a century and so has the right to take a stance for the cause.

According to recent reports, Disney is against supporting the bill that is in circulation at the moment. Bob Iger has said in his statement that Disney has been nurturing young minds, through storytelling.

So, LGBTQ and such topics, considered taboo in many quarters, are also an important part of childhood education. The core values that Disney follows are inclusion and acceptance of one and all.

At a shareholder’s meeting, in March, past CEO Bob Chapek did take up the issue. However, he had commented that he was doing his bit from the backend. And that probably stopped him from fighting against the bill from the front.

When Governor Ron DeSantis passed the bill, Disney was quick to ask for its dissolution. This led to some altercations between the Government and Disney. 

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The Governor went on to dissolve Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. The action had the power to add millions to taxpayers’ debts.

Moreover, it could delay Disney’s future projects to open theme parks. Iger reiterated that Disney had been pulled into the issue anyhow.

So, he is now busy trying to find ways to fight against it. As per the reports of Chapek not hiring any newer employees, Iger said that he is going with that stance too.

He also said in the meeting that Disney can’t keep everyone happy at the same time. And he also said that the pressure from the political front will not be able to make Disney change its stance.

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