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Founder Of Oath Keepers Found Guilty Of Sedition In The US



Founder Of Oath Keepers Found Guilty Of Sedition In The US

The Federal Jury has convicted Stewart Rhodes of sedition and conspiracy against Joe Biden’s victory certification.  Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has been proven guilty in the high-profile case involving an attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

The conspiracy punishment amounts to 20 years in jail. This is one of the rare charges that have been formulated against the Oath Keepers founder and Kelly Meggs.

The Verdict Against The Founder of Oath Keepers

The verdict on the very high-profile case seems to have caused quite furore in society of late. After almost three days of court trials, the 12- member jury has passed the verdict in the case, which involved a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol. It was basically an attempt to overturn Donald Trump’s defeat.

For the unversed, Rhodes is a graduate of the Yale School of Law and a former paratrooper as well. He has been accused of using force to stop Congress from certifying that Joe Biden had won the presidential elections against Donald Trump, the reigning one at that time. He has been convicted on three grounds and has received a negative on two accounts.

The Verdict Against The Founder of Oath Keepers

Kelly Meggs, who worked with him was also one of the people accused, and she also happened to be convicted. The three others, namely Kenneth Harrelson, Thomas Caldwell, and Jessica Watkins have been discharged. The five who were undergoing the trial were convicted of trying to mess up the official processes.

Each of the conspiracies that Rhodes has been accused of and proven guilty, of carries terms of twenty years each. However, this is not all. Two other trials are also supposed to start in a few weeks’ time. Many other members of the group are also supposed to face trial on conspiracy theories. Proud Boys Group and its former chairperson are also in a queue, regarding such criminal and civil charges.

Other Conspiracy Prosecutions

Oath Keepers is basically a military organization that includes a few present and retired paratroopers, law enforcement employees, and military staff. The members have often been seen carrying weapons at prominent events surrounding the US Government. They have also participated in many types of justice conglomerations.

Now, all eyes are on the Justice Department, as the defense attorneys look forward to the other results of the forthcoming trials. James Lee Bright who is fighting for his client Rhodes said that he expects the same action from the other perpetrators.

And, he also went on to declare, that he will be keeping a close watch on the proceedings. All those who are in the dark regarding Rhodes’ background, should know why he wears that patch on his eye. Some time back, the paratrooper had accidentally shot himself in the eye. Moreover, he happens to be one of the most high-profile people among the 900 co-accused. Kelly Meggs heads the Florida chapter of the military organization.  

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The defense attorneys are not taking things lightly, though. One of the lawyers of the convicted paratrooper has stated that they were happy about the acquittals but unhappy about the final verdict. According to the attorneys, there seems to be no direct evidence of a planned attack on the U.S. Capitol.

However, prosecutors have stated that Rhodes and his members had tried to stop the election victory announcement pertaining to President Joe Biden. The convicted had also entered the Capitol premises, with weaponry which may have been an act of intimidation.

At least fifty witnesses have certified against the charged personnel. In the entire process, Rhodes has been termed, a liar by the prosecutors who had substantial evidence in the form of videos, photos, and email records, to prove him and his members guilty. According to sources, an appeal to a higher court is the next course of action.

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