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New York City Unveils A Massive New Migrant Family Shelter In Midtown



New York City Unveils A Massive New Migrant Family Shelter In Midtown

New York City proves its attention to embrace migrant people from the southern border by opening a new mega shelter that has the capacity to hold 600 migrants at a time in Midtown. It is the city’s fourth mega-shelter for refugees who survived violence in Venezuela.  It is planned to open between December 5 and December 11.

The city’s Office of Emergency Management and Health and Hospitals Corporation run the new facility at the Stewart Hotel. Other emergency sites provided by the city are The Watson Hotel, The Wolcott Hotel, and The Row New York City Hotel  in the name of Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers (HERRC)

For Migrant Families, NYC Launches A New Massive Shelter In Midtown

The new initiative for immigrants was followed by the declaration of a state of emergency by Eric Adams Mayor of New York City on 7th October  2022. New York City Mayor a state of emergency to handle the emigrants from over the country bused to New York City. the number of emigrant people is hitting the record. Mayor Eric Adams called other city agencies to arrange humanitarian relief centers to help shelter seekers. 

The new opening replaces the existing shelter system with rooms for 300 families and single adults,  and a migrant welcome center was built early in the year and operated by the Department of homeless services (DHS). Existing residents have the potential to move to a new shelter provided by DHS and remain at the hotel according to their convenience. 

The estimated cost of opening shelters is not available. New York City Mayor Eric Adams argued about the fund required to provide shelter to migrants. As per the remarks published by the Mayor more than 61,000 people are under the shelter system including 20,000 children, thousands of New York homeless natives, and thousands of home seekers.

New York City Mayor add in his remarks that this is a humanitarian crisis and an after-effect of violence and chaos in South America without any care,  and notice thousands of asylum seekers were bused to New York City. And more and more people are arriving in the city as refugees. And the Mayor asked for federal action like passing legislation allowing the immigrants to work and earn. And to provide financially for the welfare of immigrants. 

The challenging state of the city since April is like more than 16,000 homeless people. The number of arriving buses with migrants is increasing. 42 shelters were set.  5,500 children were enrolled in schools. 

Eric Adams and Texas Governor Greg Abbot on a clash about the busing of migrants without any notice to the city from the southern border.  

Grey Abbot sends across the country including the cities of New York, Washington D.C, and Chicago more than 10,000 homeless people. And he spent an estimated budget of $ 14 million. 

Row NYC is a four-star hotel located at pricey Times Square initially will be home to 200 migrant families. And have the capacity to take on more. 

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Hotel Wolcott is a woman-friendly asylum for women and adult families. Provides services like medical care, food, and casework with 175 rooms. 

Watson hotel is a glamorous hotel migrant spotted by the command of Mayor Eric Adams. Immigrants were transported by bus from the tents. The hotel provides luxurious amenities like an indoor swimming pool and fitness center. 

A public health emergency was declared by Washington D.C Mayor Muriel browser according to arriving a large number of asylum seekers in the city. 

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