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‘Goblin Mode’: Oxford Word Of The Year 2022



'Goblin Mode' Oxford Word Of The Year 2022

According to the public vote received, Oxford has considered Goblin mode the word of the Year. It has been in the position to obtain 93% of the votes against other words such as metaverse and IStandWith. This would have been widely used by the public, which is why it is receiving this honorable mention in the Oxford dictionary.

In addition to Oxford Dictionary, this would have also been mentioned in Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary in 2022. But most people want to know the exact meaning of this word and, at the same time, determine the origin point of this word. 

Every Year the Oxford dictionary introduces a new word into its content based on the public vote. It is determined through the total extent of usage and its appearance on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Based on a Holistic analysis, the Oxford dictionary determines the word of the Year. It takes around 7 to 8 months to determine the exact word so that it can be included in the dictionary. 

What Does It Mean? 

Most people still need to be made aware of this word. However, Goblin mode is not an adjective or a noun but rather a state of being. It is considered to be a type of behavior in which a person is self-indulgent and greedy. He rejects all the kinds of social Expectations that the people have of him and is not even apologetic about it. It is considered to be a carefree stage. 

'Goblin Mode' Oxford Word Of The Year 2022

This is the precise definition given by the Oxford Dictionary itself. It is also a stage in which a person does only whatever he thinks is appropriate and does not bother about the Expectations of the other person. He needs to consider other factors properly over the period. 

Where Did Goblin Mode Originate? 

In the Year of 2009, this word was used for the first time on Twitter. But it became viral in 2022 after it was used by a user named @Juniper.

After that, it was excessively used and was shared by the popular social media account Kanye West. This would also be used in the context of fake news spreading on the Internet without any limitations.

Goblin mode also depicted a state of social media that was trying to create an artificial world for people to indulge in without bothering about the realities.

 Most of the Oxford words are inspired by the willingness of the people to use the word in the daily language. This willingness is evident from social media accounts and the headlines of the newspapers.

The more significant the word’s usage, the greater the chances of the word being incorporated into the dictionary. According to the experts, this would be a perfect satisfaction to the content available on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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Past Trends

In the Year 2021, wax was the word of the Year. However, no single word was chosen for the Year 2020 because it was considered to be an unprecedented year.

Finally in 2019 climate emergency has been chosen to be the word of the Year by Oxford. This clearly justifies the pattern which is all about choosing the most trending word based on public opinion. 


It can be concluded that this exercise is conducted by a Consortium composed of all the experts in the English language and English literature. It is conducted annually and without any delay so that the language is not compromised at any cost. 

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