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Drew Droege Warned Of Same-sex Relationships Not Being Allowed In A Family Restaurant



Drew Droege Warned Of Same-sex Relationships Not Being Allowed In A Family Restaurant

According to reports from a local Mexican family restaurant in Los Angeles, it is pretty clear that ‘homophobia’ is still prevalent even in a developed country such as the United States.

This week, the famous worldwide actor Andrew Gerhardt Droege, also known by the short name of Drew Droege, is said to have been warned from showing love to his partner in a restaurant for the sole reason of his date being of the same sex.

The restaurant manager came to warn Drew alongside his date, who was sitting with him for their date. Reports also state that the manager yelled at the two for showing love and affection in public.

After the incident, Drew and his date got out of the restaurant in frustration and finally left the place.

Later on, the incident was shared by Drew on his social media, where a general public outrage began to spread among the public regarding the Mexican family restaurant.

Drew had also given complete information regarding the restaurant on his online social media post, where he told his fans how he was treated for just showing romantic behavior. The sole reason behind such treatment was that he was in a same-sex relationship.

After the incident spread through most social media platforms, the restaurant formally apologized to Drew.

Also, it informed him that the manager who had treated him and his date harshly was also fired from his position as he was violating the restaurant’s rule of treating customers equally.

What Happened To Drew Droege?

As per the post made by Drew Droege on his social media accounts, the sad incident took place in a local Mexican family restaurant on Monday of this week.

Drew Droege Warned Of Same-sex Relationships Not Being Allowed In A Family Restaurant

During this time, Drew was on a date with another man. Both of them were said to be enjoying the day very well, and according to Drew, they had also kissed outside in public and showed love to each other.

After the beautiful and fun walk through the city, both Drew and his date entered the family restaurant, where they completed their meal and spent some extra time with drinks and romantic talks.

Unfortunately, when they were drinking and also kissing, the manager came to them and warned them in a very stern voice not to kiss each other as it was a ‘family restaurant.’

The restaurant manager would also yell at them, saying that he would not allow such behavior in the restaurant as it was disturbing the rules and regulations of the Mexican restaurant itself.

After the standoff between Drew and the manager, Drew and his date finally left the restaurant in a shocking state but fortunately continued with their date at another place.

Later, Drew wrote that he and his date were shocked at the hate and sternness with which the manager of the Mexican restaurant warned them not to show love or kiss each other. 

Drew would also state that there are still multiple valid reasons why many gay people feel unsafe and insecure about showing their love in public. 

The famous ‘Out’ actor was also seen saying in one of his posts that the world is still not very kind to the LGBTQ community. As a result, they must always show kindness and please others to be accepted in society.

What Was The Outcome Of The Incident With Drew?

After the posts made by Drew Droege were made viral on multiple social media platforms, many online users, including many gay and ordinary people, came in full support of the famous ‘Out’ actor.

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Many people also decided to boycott the Mexican family restaurant for their unjust treatment of a gay couple who was showing their love on a romantic date.

Later, the Mexican restaurant franchise office made a formal apology to Drew on his social media account, where they stated that, as a family restaurant, their main goal is to treat every customer with equality and make them feel at home. 

They also informed Drew about firing the manager from the Los Angeles branch of the restaurant. They remarked that it was a regrettable event that took place.

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