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Travel Plans In 2023 May Be Influenced By Metaverse Experience: A New Survey



Travel Plans In 2023 May Be Influenced By Metaverse Experience A New Survey

According to a new survey conducted among people across 32 countries by a popular travel agency, nearly half of the total population admitted that they are using virtual reality to inspire their own choices.   

24179 people participated in the survey and 43% of them agreed to the aim of the survey that their decisions are extremely influenced by the metaverse. 

Especially the Covid-19 pandemic has raised its potential in several aspects. Metaverse opened a new way of choices according to the restrictions prolonged by Covid-19. In the case of travel restrictions at that time, the metaverse was one of the latest sub-crypto ecosystems that helped travelers to decide the destinations they want to experience. 

Decisions About Real-world Travel In 2023 Will Be Influenced By the Metaverse Experience

The result of the new study shows 45% of Generation Z (born in the late 1990s or the early 21st century) and 43% of the Millennials (born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s) show strong interest in exploring destinations with the help of metaverse as they decided on their own itinerary. They like to try out the travel experience virtually. 

Travel Plans In 2023 May Be Influenced By Metaverse Experience

But around 4574 people from the survey showed a different thought that they believe in experiencing virtually before they go to explore a new travel destination. It will make little advantages on them. They can finalize the decision that is the suitable destination to explore according to their convenience like budget, duration of the trip, climate of the destination, etc…

Another part (35%) of participants in the survey agreed they are open to spending a lot of days in the metaverse to get hang of the surroundings offered across the destinations. has come with sophisticated technologies that provide more to the metaverse to enhance the experience of virtual travelers. has introduced new supporting technologies like haptic feedback and ensures it can contribute to improving the experience of virtual travelers by allowing them to experience the tropical sun and sandy beaches with the help of the metaverse. 

And another side of the survey reflects that 60% of the respondents strongly believe in reality. Virtual reality can’t satisfy their eyes.

In their words, the experience of virtual reality traveling and metaverse is not enough to satisfy them. It will never come close to in-person experiences that get through real travel exploration. 

These results show that tourism will be extremely influenced by the metaverse. And the choice of travelers will change according to the growth of technology and findings.

Bolzano(Italy), Pondichery(India), Sao Paulo(Brazil), and Hobart(Australia) are some of the popular destinations most sought after for 2023.

A new partnership between multiverse labs and the Sharjah Commerce & tourism development Authority shows the way to a new birth of a Metaverse city in the United Arab Emirates. 

Multinational computer technology corporation Microsoft’s plans to prove their brilliance in Metaverse business hit a massive roadblock after the Federal Trade Commission of the United States sought to block the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft chairman and CEO Sathya Nadella said that in the development of metaverse platforms the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $69 billion has played a key role. 

And the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has pointed out that Microsoft limited the distribution of console games after acquiring competitor gaming companies as an anti-competitive practice. 

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality With Metaverse

The future of Virtual reality and Augmented reality are closely connected with the growth of the Metaverse. The rapid advancement of AR and VR are the key elements of the enhancement of Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world that featured digital and physical worlds together. And it will allow its users to interact with the virtual world in a realistic way. 

In the future Metaverse will become unavoidable in the everyday life of people. Even if they can’t think about a world without the influence of Metaverse.

In the future people will use the metaverse as a device to enjoy activities like education, entertainment, communication, and even for their profession also.

In the coming years, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality become more sophisticated and widely available. And it makes the metaverse immensely popular worldwide and attractive. 

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