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The Biden Administration Considers Banning Gas Stoves Due To Increased Pollution



The Biden Administration Considers Banning Gas Stoves Due To Increased Pollution

The fume of the gas has been a concerning factor, as it impacts health leading to cause health and respiratory problems. Studies have cited that exposure to the pollutants from the gas is severe in health deteriorating. 

The Biden administration may consider a ban on gas stoves as the rising pollutants mount the primary health of an individual.

Citing the recent studies showing emissions from gas stoves leading to impact health, The Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering taking action regarding gas stoves. 

It Will Impact The Lives Of People

The commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Richard Trumk, Jr. revealed in an interview that this has been a hidden hazard that has been affecting all innocent lives, and that needed to be banned.

The Biden Administration Considers Banning Gas Stoves Due To Increased Pollution

He added that consumer product safety welcomes safe alternatives, and products that are not safe cannot be considered to release in the market.

However, a public statement is yet to give by the agency. It is believed that options may include besides a ban, that could be setting standards on emissions from the appliances

Currently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is moving forward to take the action. As the hazard may get severe if not looked upon.

In the US, 35% of US households use gas stoves, that is 40 million U.S. households and the number may rise up to 70% in states like California and New Jersey.

Over the years, studies have been concluding the harmful effects of the gas stove fumes such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, and others.

These pollutants directly promote risk to respiratory organs. Studies reveal that health risks from these unhealthy pollutants can lead to Cardiovascular issues and cancer.

A recent study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health cites that gas stoves have been responsible for rising cases of asthma in children.

The study found that one in eight children in the United States is suffering from asthma, which is caused directly by the pollutants from the gas stove.

Another study has revealed that the emission of methane from the gas stove each year is equivalent to the emission of greenhouse gases from 500,000 gas-powered cars.

The agency claimed that the federal agency and its lawmakers have been effortlessly pushing forward to limit the use of the appliances.

The agency received a letter from the group of Democratic lawmakers, asking them to consider various alternative requirements for the gas stoves to meet certain health and environmental standards as well as to include educational campaigns about the risks of the gas stoves.

In this way, the group believes that the consumers will restrict themself by using an alternative method for cooking. 

In the united states, the push for the ban on natural gas hookups in buildings has spiked drastically, as California became the first city in the world to ban hookups in new buildings and several states have been following the same lawsuit.

Many experts believe that it is a convenient method to eliminate the utilization of gas, as it cannot be prevented suddenly because the myth of cooking has been crafted around the gas stove.

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The commissioner of the agency Trumka told in the interview that a misconception has been widely accepted by consumers that, fine-dining kind of cooking can be only done with the help of gas. He added that it is a carefully manicured myth.

On the other hand, the natural gas industry has been restricted to develop this ban as it threatens their primary income.

Some Emails have been found regarding the industry showing extreme support to the republican states to put forward laws that would benefit them by prohibiting the cities and towns from banning natural gas. The draft included around 20 cities, which is about one-third of the U.S.’s total natural gas use.

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